Welcome to the vibrant world of Joke Plant, a garden that sprouts giggles and guffaws, tickling your funny bone with puns, one-liners, and jokes across a variety of categories.

Dedication to Accessibility

We believe laughter is universal, and so should be the ability to access it. Joke Plant is thus committed to ensuring digital accessibility for people with disabilities. We continue to improve user experience, applying relevant accessibility standards wherever possible. For instance, we ensure you can:

  • Listen to the jokes via screen reader tools, like JAWS and NVDA
  • Zoom up to 300%
  • Adjust the text size and color contrast to suit your visual preferences

Conformance Status

Our ongoing goal is to ensure that our website meets or exceeds the Level AA success criteria, set forth by the WCAG 2.1. The objective is to make web content easily accessible to users with disabilities. Our website’s features include:

  • Constant updates to address CSS and HTML validation issues
  • Pages conforming to WCAG A, AA, or AAA standards
  • Efforts to ensure PDF accessibility, including proper tagging, language definition, headings, and labels

Assessment Approach

Joke Plant believes in a diligent, comprehensive approach towards accessibility. Therefore, we conduct regular assessments of our website, employing the My Computer My Way guide by AbilityNet. This guide offers a range of tips and advice for customizing your device to your visual, hearing, motor, and cognitive needs.

Feedback and Contact

We value your feedback. If you’ve faced any barriers while chuckling away on our website, or if you have suggestions on how we can enhance our accessibility, please reach out.

Joke Plant believes that humor is a universal language, and it should be accessible to all. Ensuring the accessibility of our digital garden of giggles is a continuous process, and we welcome your input on any aspect of this journey.

This accessibility policy is effective as of July 11, 2023.