Welcome to the Joke Plant’s “Cookie Policy”. Here, we don’t mean those scrumptious cookies that your Aunt bakes for the holidays, but the digital kind. We are here to answer your query regarding how Joke Plant uses cookies.

What are Cookies, exactly?

Snickerdoodle! Oatmeal Raisin! And Chocolate Chip! Oh my!

Think of a cookie as a little memory box, stored by your browser. It’s filled with crumbs of information about your visit on our website, www.jokeplant.com. These crumbs help us make your future visits to our “garden of giggles” even more delightful!

How does Joke Plant use Cookies?

We primarily use cookies for two reasons:

  1. Remembering Your Preferences: Like how you might remember your favorite animal joke, our cookies remember some of your site preferences, making your browsing experience more personalized and enjoyable.
  2. Site Analytics: We analyze the collected cookie information to make our Joke Plant grow stronger! It helps us understand which jokes are landing and which ones need a bit of comedic fertilizer.

Your Cookie Control:

Just like you can control how many cookies to eat (or try to, at least!), you can manage your digital cookie preferences too. Most web browsers allow you to control cookies through their settings.

Remember, not allowing certain cookies may affect your user experience on Joke Plant.

Updates to our Cookie Policy:

Just as jokes evolve over time, so may this policy. So you can visit again to stay updated. We are putting all our effort to maintain transparency.
We value your laughter and your privacy equally, and we’re committed to providing a secure, fun-filled digital playground at Joke Plant.

So, go on, laugh out loud, share a pun, and let’s keep spreading the joy of humor!

This cookie policy is effective as of July 11, 2023.