Alien Puns & Jokes: 110 Out-of-This-World Laughs

Ever wondered what humor looks like in galaxies far, far away? Well, we’ve got the next best thing—110 funny alien puns that’ll make you laugh so hard, you’ll practically levitate!

Whether you’re an Earthling, an extraterrestrial aficionado, or just a cosmic comedian, these puns are guaranteed to launch your spirits sky-high.

Alien Puns

Best UFO & Alien Puns for Extraterrestrial Fun

Ready to get pun-derful in an extraterrestrial way? Strap in for a ride through 40 puns that are truly “out of this world!”

  1. I wanted to tell an alien pun, but it was too far out.
  2. Aliens love to exercise. Their favorite activity? Space-walks!
  3. Alien musicians prefer “universal” studios.
  4. My alien friend loves salad. His favorite? Rocket leaves.
  5. Alien chefs always cook up a “stellar” meal.
  6. What do you call an alien who likes baths? Clean-on from the Planet Scrub.
  7. Why do aliens make terrible soccer players? They keep shooting for the stars!
  8. An alien’s favorite month? UFO-gust.
  9. Aliens love Broadway. Their favorite show is “E.T.Cats.”
  10. An alien’s favorite sport? Spaceball!
  11. UFO stands for “Unbelievably Funny One-liners,” didn’t you know?
  12. Never argue with aliens. They’re always right because they come from another “plane of existence.”
  13. Aliens love “astro-nomy” but hate “astro-nomnom.”
  14. Space cows say, “Moooooon.”
  15. How do aliens like their eggs? Unidentified Fried Objects.
  16. Alien babies play with flying saucers, not teething rings.
  17. How do aliens flirt? “Is it hot in here, or is it just your internal combustion system?”
  18. What’s an alien’s favorite candy? Mars Bars.
  19. Aliens never get lost. They always find their “space” on the map.
  20. What’s an alien’s favorite key on a keyboard? The space bar.
  21. What do you call an alien’s pet? “Extraterrestri-Fido.”
  22. How do aliens get around? In their space-“shuttles.”
  23. What did the alien say to the computer? “Take me to your downloader!”
  24. Aliens enjoy “earth-music”—it’s a universal language!
  25. What did the alien bring to the beach? A “U-Floatee-O.”
  26. Aliens never go to school. They’re already “bright stars.”
  27. What did the alien say to the clock? “Time to abduct you!”
  28. Aliens don’t need vacuums. They have “space cleaners.”
  29. Aliens love to watch the show, “Wheel of Extraterrestrial Fortune.”
  30. How do aliens organize a festival? They “planet.”
  31. What’s an alien’s favorite channel? The “Sci-Fi” network, of course!
  32. Aliens’ favorite snack? Cosmic Crisp apples.
  33. What’s an alien’s favorite social platform? “MySpace.”
  34. Why did the alien get a headache? Too much “space jam.”
  35. How do aliens make pancakes? Using “astro-flour.”
  36. Aliens never get fat; they’re always “light years” ahead in dieting!
  37. Aliens love to sail. Their favorite ships? Flying “yachts.”
  38. What do you call an alien in a hurry? “Rush-tronaut.”
  39. What did the alien say when it lost its job? “I need a new ‘orbit-tunity.'”
  40. How do aliens like their tea? “E.T. Earl Grey.”

There you go—a pun-iverse of laughs from another galaxy! You’re now officially pun-certified by interstellar standards. Happy laughing!

Best Alien Jokes

110 Hilarious Alien Jokes to Crack You Up

Hold onto your spacesuits and adjust your antennae—here come the 30 best alien jokes that are truly out of this world!

  1. Why did the alien get kicked out of the movie theater?
    • Because he refused to “take up space” quietly!
  2. How do aliens pay for coffee?
    • With Starbucks!
  3. What’s an alien’s favorite game on Earth?
    • Space Invaders.
  4. Why did the alien break up with its partner?
    • They needed more “space” in the relationship.
  5. How do you throw a space party?
    • You “planet”!
  6. What’s an alien’s favorite type of music?
    • Rocket and Roll.
  7. Why did the alien bring string to Earth?
    • To tie up some “loose ends” in the galaxy.
  8. What did the alien say to the cat?
    • “Take me to your litter!”
  9. What do you call a fat alien?
    • An “extraweightrestrial.”
  10. Why did the alien apply for a job at NASA?
    • He wanted to go “home” for the holidays.
  11. What do aliens use to keep their pants up?
    • Asteroid belts.
  12. Why did the alien get kicked out of school?
    • Because he kept “spacing out” in class!
  13. How did the aliens play cards in space?
    • They used “astral” decks.
  14. Why was the alien book so short?
    • Because it was a “light read.”
  15. What’s an alien’s favorite snack?
    • “Martian-mallows.”
  16. How do you know when an alien is lying?
    • When you see its “pants on fire” through your telescope!
  17. What did the alien say to the garden?
    • “Take me to your weeder!”
  18. What’s an alien’s favorite time of the day?
    • “Moonrise.”
  19. What do aliens watch for fun?
    • “Comet-dies.”
  20. Why did the aliens never invade Earth?
    • They read our online reviews!
  21. What did one planet say to the other?
    • “You crack me up!”
  22. Why did the alien get cold?
    • Because it was used to a warmer “climate-controlled spacecraft!”
  23. What’s an alien’s favorite dessert?
    • “Moon-pie.”
  24. What’s an alien’s least favorite subject in school?
    • “Humanities.”
  25. Why did the alien bring a ladder to Earth?
    • To finally meet the “higher life forms.”
  26. How do you organize a space party?
    • You “UFO-rge” it!
  27. Why did the alien become a gardener?
    • He had a green thumb… literally!
  28. What do you call a lovable alien?
    • “A-drool-able.”
  29. Why did the alien visit the comedy club?
    • He needed some “comic relief.”
  30. How do aliens say goodbye?
    • “See you later, space invader!”

There you have it, folks—30 galactic guffaws to make even the most stoic extraterrestrial crack a smile. Beam us up, Scotty; this humor is universal!

Alien One Liners

Top Alien One-Liners That Are Simply Stellar

If laughter is universal, these alien one-liners are universally hilarious. Let’s beam up the humor!

  1. “Aliens don’t do laundry; they believe in cleaner energy.”
  2. “I’m not saying it was aliens, but it was aliens.”
  3. “Why do aliens never cheat? Because they don’t want to lose their ‘space-ial’ integrity.”
  4. “Beam me up, Scotty, there’s no intelligent life here!”
  5. “My social circle is like a UFO—unidentified and barely existent.”
  6. “If an alien offers you a ride, ask for the mileage first.”
  7. “Aliens never win at hide-and-seek; they always stand out.”
  8. “Why don’t aliens need glasses? They’ve got good ‘space-sight.'”
  9. “Aliens don’t believe in Santa; they’ve got Elon Musk.”
  10. “An alien’s life is like a circle—no point, just endless loops.”
  11. “Aliens avoid Earth: bad Yelp reviews.”
  12. “Aliens make the best DJs—they’ve got ‘extraterrestrial’ beats.”
  13. “Why do aliens love Earth? We’re universally stupid!”
  14. “My dancing skills are alien—out of this world and not understood.”
  15. “Aliens don’t need coffee; they’re always abuzz.”
  16. “I’d join an alien gym, but I hear the gravity’s weak.”
  17. “An alien’s worst fear? Being ‘grounded.'”
  18. “Aliens don’t use Google; they use ‘Galaxipedia.'”
  19. “Aliens never suffer from jet lag—they’re time travelers.”
  20. “Why did the alien avoid math class? He hated Earth numbers.”
  21. “Aliens don’t get wrinkles; they’ve got ‘space lifters.'”
  22. “Aliens never commit crimes; they just make ‘unlawful landings.'”
  23. “Aliens love Earth food; it’s like ‘space food for thought.'”
  24. “If you see an alien, tell them Earth is already taken—by stupidity.”
  25. “Aliens avoid Earth politics; it’s not ‘universal’ healthcare.”
  26. “Aliens make bad mechanics; they can’t fix a simple saucer.”
  27. “I asked an alien for a joke, and he said, ‘Your Earthling life!'”
  28. “An alien’s diary is a ‘log of the unknown.'”
  29. “Why don’t aliens have faith? They’re still waiting for a ‘sign.'”
  30. “An alien’s car runs on ‘fuelish’ Earthlings.”
  31. “Why do aliens love camping? They’re all about ‘in-tents’ experiences.”
  32. “Aliens avoid Earth; they fear our ‘nuclear family.'”
  33. “If an alien tells you a joke, just laugh. They hate being ‘unidentified.'”
  34. “Why don’t aliens play cards? They can’t deal with Earth hands.”
  35. “Why do aliens hate Earth TV? Too many ‘dramatic series.'”
  36. “Aliens prefer blondes—they’re easier to abduct.”
  37. “I told an alien a joke, and now I’m a ‘universal’ comic.”
  38. “Why do aliens avoid the beach? They can’t handle the ‘sand-sation.'”
  39. “Aliens love movies—especially the trailers. Quick abduction plans.”
  40. “An alien’s favorite book? ‘To Serve Man.'”

Final Thoughts on Our Interstellar Humor

Well, there you have it—your one-stop galaxy for the best alien humor! Whether it’s puns, jokes, or one-liners, we’ve got enough cosmic comedy to make even an alien giggle. Ready to be the star of your next space-themed party? You’re all set!

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