45 Funny Brunch Jokes

Brunch: that magical time between breakfast and lunch where we gather with friends, munch on eggs benedict, and sip mimosas. But what’s brunch without a side of giggles?

If you’ve got a craving for some mid-morning chuckles, dive into these 45 brunch-themed jokes that are more delicious than a stack of pancakes!

Brunch Jokes

Best Brunch Jokes

Why did brunch feel left out? Because it wasn’t quite a meal deal!

  1. Why did the bacon go to brunch? It felt like sizzling in style!
  2. Why was the egg always invited to brunch? It was eggs-tra special!
  3. How do coffee beans say hello at brunch? “Morn-brewing!”
  4. Why was the avocado blushing? It saw the salad dressing for brunch!
  5. How do you make brunch hilarious? Add a punch-line with your punch drink!
  6. Why don’t fruits tell secrets at brunch? Because grapes wine too much.
  7. What’s a tomato’s favorite brunch dish? Tomato toast, on the vine side up!
  8. What did the waffle say to the mimosa? “You make my mornings bubbly!”
  9. How did the pancake stop the fight at brunch? It just flipped out!
  10. Why was the French toast so polite at brunch? It always said “merci-beaucoup!”
  11. What did the muffin say at the brunch party? “I’m here for the butter time!”
  12. How do you know if a brunch is rich? When it’s dripping in syrup and loaded with jewels (berries)!
  13. What did the orange say to the banana at brunch? “Peel free to join me!”
  14. Why did the yogurt go to art school before brunch? To get a little culture!
  15. What’s a brunch lover’s favorite song? “All About That Brunch, No Treble!”

Brunch isn’t just about great food—it’s about great company and even better laughs. So, the next time you’re sipping on your coffee or biting into a croissant, drop one of these zingers and watch the table light up!

Brunch Puns

Brunch Puns

When it’s brunch time, why just feed your stomach when you can also feed your punny bone? Get egg-cited for these brunch puns that are just too “a-peel-ing” to resist!

  1. I’m feeling eggstra fancy today!
  2. Brunch without champagne is just a sad, late breakfast.
  3. Let’s toast to good food and better company!
  4. I’m on a seafood diet. I see food and eat it—especially if it’s brunch!
  5. Muffin compares to a good brunch.
  6. I like my brunch berry much, thank you!
  7. I have an egg-sistential crisis every brunch: scrambled or fried?
  8. You’re bacon me hungry with all this brunch talk!
  9. French toasts are simply bread’s way of going gourmet.
  10. Omelette you in on a secret: brunch is my favorite meal.
  11. Life’s a brunch, and then you dine.
  12. Waffle lot of love for brunches here!
  13. That brunch was so egg-citing, I want a re-run!
  14. Can’t espresso how much I love brunch.
  15. Sip, sip, hooray for brunch day!

Whether you’re whipping up a meal or just enjoying it, a sprinkle of puns always makes brunch a little bit brighter!

Brunch One Liners

Brunch One Liners

Got a minute? Get ready for quick quips that perfectly capture the brunch vibe in just one line!

  1. Brunch: because “morning eating” needed a fancier name.
  2. If it’s before noon and there’s a mimosa, it’s definitely brunch.
  3. The early bird gets the worm, but the late riser gets brunch.
  4. “Sleep till you’re hungry, eat till you sleep” – the brunch motto.
  5. Brunch: making waking up late socially acceptable.
  6. “I only brunch on days that end with ‘y’.”
  7. Calories at brunch don’t count if you laugh a lot, right?
  8. On Sundays, we brunch. On other days, we just dream about it.
  9. Brunch without friends is like coffee without cream.
  10. Brunch: where “just one more pancake” is always a lie.
  11. A brunch shared is a friendship amplified.
  12. “Have a great day!” said coffee. “Hold my mimosa,” replied brunch.
  13. Can’t decide between breakfast and lunch? There’s a meal for that!
  14. There’s no ‘we’ in brunch…but there’s mimosas!
  15. “Do it for the brunch!” – my morning exercise mantra.

Final Thoughts

From light-hearted jokes to puns and quick one-liners, brunch isn’t just about the food—it’s a mood, a lifestyle. A perfect blend of morning sunshine and delightful dishes, every brunch moment is worth cherishing. So, the next time you’re at your favorite brunch spot, share a laugh and make it memorable!

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