Bus Jokes & Funny Puns: 45 Hilarious Rides to Laughter

“Riding the bus” – the very phrase brings a cascade of memories. The early morning haste, the window views, the strange yet amusing banter!

But let’s rewind a bit and embrace the lighter side of the journey, where the road takes a turn for ‘funny’.

We’ve packed 45 hilarious bus jokes into our comedy carry-on, just for you. So buckle up, folks – it’s about to get comically bumpy!

kids happy in their school bus

Table of Contents

Best Bus Jokes: Humor on Wheels

Who knew public transportation could tickle your funny bone so expertly? Buckle up and enjoy the ride with these 15 best bus jokes!

  1. Why don’t buses ever play hide and seek? Because they always follow the route!
  2. What do you call a bus in a fairy tale? A Cinder-ella!
  3. How do you get a baby astronaut to sleep? You rocket! But how do you get a baby bus to sleep? You “route” it!
  4. Why did the bus blush? Because it saw the zebra crossing!
  5. Why did the bus break up with the tram? It got tired of being on the same track!
  6. What’s a bus driver’s favorite kind of music? “Stop” rock and roll!
  7. Why did the bus go to school? Because it wanted to be a “smarty” bus!
  8. How does a bus propose to its girlfriend? “Will you ‘stop’ for me forever?”
  9. Why do buses make terrible comedians? Their jokes are always ‘too stop’!
  10. How does a bus like to unwind? It takes the bypass!
  11. What’s a bus driver’s favorite type of nut? A ‘wheel’ nut!
  12. Why do buses never get lost? Because they always know their ‘stop’!
  13. What’s a bus’s favorite song? “Don’t Stop Believin'”!
  14. Why did the bus go to the bank? To get some “bus-tle” money!
  15. What’s a bus driver’s favorite part of a meal? The “brake-fast”!
school bus is going to school

Laugh on Board: Top Bus Puns

Ready to shift your laughter gears up a notch? Steer into these 15 bus puns that are guaranteed to drive you wild with laughter!

  1. Why are buses such a good place to talk? Because they’re always ready for a good ‘pick-up’ line!
  2. When the bus got to the end of its route, it just felt so ‘terminal’.
  3. I’m reading a great book about an immortal bus, it’s impossible to ‘put down’.
  4. My bus driver friend always gives good advice, he knows how to ‘steer’ me right!
  5. My friend said she didn’t like the bus, I said it’s because she has never been ‘fare’ to it.
  6. The bus’s love life was going ‘wheels’, till it found its ‘stop’ mate!
  7. I got kicked out of the bus for making everyone laugh, they said it’s not a ‘stand-up’ bus!
  8. The bus likes to maintain its ‘route-ine’ exercise to stay fit.
  9. I knew a bus that was a chef, it was a ‘whisk’ taker!
  10. My bus driver friend’s new song is such a ‘hit’, it’s ‘picking up’ on all the charts!
  11. The bus never gets out of line, it always knows where to ‘draw the lane’!
  12. The bus driver always adds ‘extra stop’ to his coffee!
  13. When the bus became a parent, it started ‘schooling’ its kids!
  14. My friend couldn’t stop laughing at the bus puns, he said they ‘crack him up’.
  15. When the bus had a fight with the tram, it said it would ‘end of the line’!
a red passenger bus

Quick Laughs: Bus Jokes One Liners

Jump aboard and fasten your seatbelts because we’re about to take a quick detour into the world of one-liner jokes! These 15 bus-themed zingers are sure to drive you to laughter town!

  1. If love were a bus, I’d probably miss it!
  2. That bus driver really needs to quit playing ‘stops’!
  3. Life’s a journey, not a ‘bus station’!
  4. The bus can’t ‘stand’ rush hour!
  5. Whoever invented the bus stop, ‘stands’ above all!
  6. A bus’s life is just ‘picking up’ people!
  7. Bus trips: When ‘wheels’ take you places!
  8. Bus: The ‘longest’ form of flattery!
  9. Buses: Putting the ‘pass’ in passengers since forever!
  10. If life’s a bus ride, let me off at the next stop!
  11. You miss 100% of buses you don’t catch!
  12. Buses: When life ‘stops’ you in your tracks!
  13. Some say life is like a bus ride, just don’t ‘fall for the driver’!
  14. I don’t do car pool, I do ‘bus pool’!
  15. They call me ‘The Bus’, because I’m always on the ‘route’!

Behind the Wheel: Bus Driver Jokes

It’s been quite a ‘ride’, hasn’t it? From puns to one-liners, we’ve ‘picked up’ some great laughs and hopefully lightened your day. Next time you board a bus, remember to ‘carry’ these jokes along to share with fellow travelers. Let the fun ‘bus’ open!

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