50 Super Mario Jokes & Puns: Laughter for Kids & Gamers Alike!

Journey with us into the whimsical world of one of gaming’s most iconic characters – Mario.

Uncover the humor beneath the cap as we share funny Mario jokes that’ll have you and your fellow gamers in fits of laughter.

Perfect for all ages, these jokes and puns are guaranteed to add a dash of fun to any gaming session. Be ready, it’s time to ‘power-up’ your humor!

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Interesting Facts about Mario

  • Did you know? Mario was originally named “Jumpman” in his first appearance in Donkey Kong.
  • Mario’s iconic look, with his cap and mustache, was created due to the limits of video game graphics in the 1980s.
  • Mario has appeared in over 200 video games since his creation.
Mario gameplay

Hilarious Mario Puns: Get Ready to Laugh!

Here are our top-picked jokes about Mario. These Mario jokes are great for all age groups from kids to adults.

  1. Why does Mario go to the chemist? Because Princess Peach kept telling him to “get a life.”
  2. Why did Mario go to the party? Because he was a “fungi.”
  3. Why does Mario never get stressed? Because he always takes time to “unwinding.”
  4. Why is Luigi always cleaning? Because he doesn’t want to live in a “pipe dream.”
  5. Why does Mario like the ghost house? It always gives him the “boo-st” he needs.
  6. Why is Mario a good friend? He’s always there in a “flash.”
  7. Why does Mario always drive a kart? Because he doesn’t like to “drag-on.”
  8. What’s Mario’s favorite play? “Mamma Mia!”
  9. Why is Luigi jealous of Mario? Because Mario always gets the “star” treatment.
  10. Why did Mario become a baker? Because he kneads the dough.
  11. Why is Mario never sad? Because life’s always “peachy.”
  12. Why does Mario love the underwater level? It’s his chance to “dive right in.”
  13. What’s Mario’s favorite clothing brand? “Luigi Vuitton.”
  14. Why does Mario always arrive early? Because he hates to “shell around.”
  15. Why is Mario good at trading? He always has a few “coins” up his sleeve.
  16. What’s Mario’s favorite musical? “Super Mario Bros. the Musical.”
  17. What’s Mario’s favorite day of the week? “Yoshi-day.”
  18. Why is Mario always calm? Because he never “loses his shell.”
  19. Why does Mario dislike Bowser? He’s always “koopa-ing” up trouble.
  20. Why does Mario love camping? He’s good at “mush-rooming.”
  21. Why does Mario excel at school? He knows his “power-ups and downs.”
  22. What’s Mario’s favorite drink? “Koopa Cola.”
  23. Why did Mario go to the seafood restaurant? To order the “Blooper calamari.”
  24. Why did Mario become a plumber? He loves to “pipe it up.”
  25. Why did Mario go to the art museum? He wanted to see the “Mona Luigi.”

Quick Laughs: Top Mario One Liners

Here is our top selection Mario one liner jokes that will bring smile on everyone face.

  1. I told Mario to stop fixing pipes, but he couldn’t wrench himself away.
  2. Mario’s favorite music? Easy, it’s pop and “Koopa.”
  3. Mario is great at parties, he’s always bringing the “Game & Watch.”
  4. Never play hide-and-seek with Mario, he always takes the “Peach” spots.
  5. Mario’s not big on gardening. He can’t stand Piranha Plants.
  1. Mario loves winter, it’s the perfect time for some “ice flower” power!
  2. It’s hard to carry a conversation with Mario, he always pipes up.
  3. Mario always wins at card games, he always has an “ace” up his sleeve.
  4. Luigi told Mario to stop eating mushrooms, he said it was “Toad-ally” good for him.
  5. Mario never gets cold, he always has a “Fire Flower.”
Mario is ready to run

Best Super Mario Jokes for Endless Fun

Here are the 15 Best Mario jokes for all age groups.

  1. Why doesn’t Mario like talking to Boo? Because he can never see his point of view.
  2. What do you call a denim-clad Mario? Mar-Jean-o!
  3. What did Mario use to talk to the boos? A Luigi Board!
  4. Why did Mario go to therapy? He was tired of feeling like a “third-wheel” to Princess Peach and Bowser.
  5. Why is Bowser never invited to dinner? Because when he sees Peach, he can’t help but kidnap the cook!
  6. Why did Mario become a gardener? He heard the plants were a “pipe” dream.
  7. What does Mario use when he gets a flat tire? A “Toad Truck”!
  8. Why did Mario apply to be a detective? He thought he would “1-Up” the competition.
  9. What do you call a round, prickly Mario? Mario-cactus!
  10. Why did Mario break up with Princess Peach? He got tired of the “castle” drama.
  11. Why does Mario hate playing hide and seek with Luigi? Luigi always finds a “warp pipe” out of the game!
  12. What’s Mario’s favorite musical instrument? The “Game Boy” drums!
  13. Why does Mario always check the weather? He’s afraid of “cloud” levels.
  14. What did Mario say when he forgot his line in the play? “I lost my ‘train’ of thought.”
  15. How does Mario refer to a messy situation? It’s a real “Bowser’s Castle.”

More Mario Jokes for Kids: A Joyful Finale

From the heartwarming camaraderie between Mario and Luigi to the ongoing feud with Bowser, the Super Mario universe has given us endless laughs and memorable moments. We hope our collection of Mario puns, one-liners, and jokes brought a smile to your face, reminding you of the joy and humor this iconic game series brings. So next time you’re on a gaming marathon, don’t forget to throw in some of these jokes to keep the spirits high. Let’s not forget, laughter is the best “power-up”!

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