Funny Marvel Jokes & Puns: Top 77 Avenger Laughs

Ready to add a bit of superhero silliness to your day? Great! Buckle up, Marvel fans!

We have a power-packed list of “77 Funny Marvel Jokes” lined up just for you. Get ready to laugh like the Incredible Hulk and smile like Iron Man!

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Best Marvel Jokes: From Iron Man to Spider-Man

Who said superheroes can’t be funny? Let’s kick off with our top 17 hilarious Marvel jokes that will have you rolling on the floor laughing, just like Thor when he first tasted earthly coffee!

  1. Why doesn’t Iron Man use a bookmark? Because he always remembers where he left Stark!
  2. What do you get when you cross Doctor Strange with a boxing ring? A reality punch!
  3. Why did Groot go to school? To become a tree-cher!
  4. Why does Thor love bowling? He always gets a Thunder Strike!
  5. Why is Spider-Man a good baseball player? He knows the swing of things!
  6. Why did Star-Lord go to therapy? Because he had Galaxy issues!
  7. What did Hawkeye say to his son at his archery competition? You’re arrow-dynamic!
  8. What’s Black Widow’s favorite day of the week? Widow Wednesday!
  9. What’s the Hulk’s favorite drink? Green tea, of course!
  10. What’s Iron Man’s favorite song? “I am Titanium”!
  11. Why did Ant-Man never win at poker? His face was too small to keep a poker face!
  12. Why is Captain America always on time? Because he hates being ‘late’-er than everyone else!
  13. Why was Thanos bad at baseball? Because he always snapped his bat!
  14. Why did Thor go to a music concert? To rock and ‘Mjolnir’ roll!
  15. What’s the Winter Soldier’s favorite season? Well, winter, obviously!
  16. How does Nick Fury leave his messages? In Post-It notes, with an eye for detail!
  17. Why doesn’t Vision ever lose at chess? Because he always thinks several moves a(head)vision!

Hilarious Marvel Puns to Make You Laugh

Hold on to your capes, because we are flying into the pun-iverse of Marvel. Get ready for 30 clever puns that will make your Spidey-senses tingle with laughter!

  1. Tony Stark’s parties are always ‘Iron’-clad events!
  2. Seems like Thor has an ‘electric’ personality.
  3. Spider-Man really knows how to ‘hang’ out.
  4. When Hulk goes shopping, he always has a ‘smashing’ time.
  5. Ever heard of Iron Man’s band? They’re heavy ‘metal’.
  6. Black Widow always ‘weaves’ a great tale.
  7. Captain America is the ‘star’ of the show.
  8. Ant-Man really ‘bugs’ his enemies.
  9. Groot always knows how to ‘branch’ out.
  10. Winter Soldier loves to ‘chill’ out.
  11. Doctor Strange has a ‘spell’-binding presence.
  12. Daredevil sure knows how to make a ‘blind’ impression.
  13. Seems like Hawkeye is always the ‘point’ of discussion.
  14. Star-Lord loves to ‘guard’ his music.
  15. Nick Fury has a ‘fury-ous’ work ethic.
  16. Venom really has a ‘toxic’ personality.
  17. Doctor Octopus is quite the ‘handy’ man.
  18. Thanos has a ‘grip’ on the universe.
  19. Loki’s plans are always ‘mischief’-managed.
  20. Rocket Raccoon is really good at ‘rocket’ science.
  21. Wasp always ‘buzzes’ with energy.
  22. Vision is a ‘sight’ for sore eyes.
  23. Gamora really ‘slashes’ through her enemies.
  24. Quicksilver always ‘runs’ the show.
  25. War Machine is ‘armed’ and ready.
  26. Falcon is always ‘soaring’ above the rest.
  27. Nebula is quite the ‘space’ queen.
  28. Scarlet Witch always has a ‘hex’ up her sleeve.
  29. Black Panther really ‘claws’ his way to the top.
  30. Mysterio’s tricks always leave you in a ‘fog’.
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Epic Marvel Dad Jokes for the Superhero Family

Buckle up, Marvel aficionados! These 30 Marvel-themed one liners will add an extra ‘punch’ to your humor. Ready, set, laugh!

  1. Thor: The original current affairs specialist.
  2. Captain America: A true patriot with ‘star’ quality.
  3. Iron Man: The ‘heart’ of steel.
  4. Hulk: The original green smoothie.
  5. Spider-Man: The world’s favorite web designer.
  6. Black Widow: Master of the deadly arts and crafts.
  7. Ant-Man: Proving size matters not!
  8. Hawkeye: Always on ‘point’.
  9. Loki: Master of disguise and sibling rivalries.
  10. Groot: Simple in speech, profound in action.
  11. Doctor Strange: The original time traveler.
  12. Star-Lord: Part-time superhero, full-time mixtape enthusiast.
  13. Vision: Seeing the world with different eyes.
  14. Scarlet Witch: Never a ‘hex’ away from chaos.
  15. Falcon: The ultimate frequent flyer.
  16. Nick Fury: The boss of bosses.
  17. War Machine: A best friend with heavy artillery.
  18. Quicksilver: Always running late, but arriving early.
  19. Wasp: The buzz around town.
  20. Black Panther: The king of jungle and people.
  21. Thanos: The power that snapped.
  22. Doctor Octopus: A man of many arms.
  23. Rocket Raccoon: The firecracker of the galaxy.
  24. Winter Soldier: Frosty demeanor, fiery spirit.
  25. Venom: The dark side of the ‘byte’.
  26. Mysterio: Always ‘fogging’ up the place.
  27. Daredevil: The advocate of justice.
  28. Gamora: The galaxy’s favorite green girl.
  29. Nebula: Always reaching for the stars.
  30. Captain Marvel: The ultimate power woman.

Final Thoughts on Our Avengers Humor Collection

So there you have it, Marvel fans – 77 of the funniest Marvel jokes, puns, and one-liners to tickle your funny bone! Whether you’re team Avengers, Guardians, or X-Men, these witticisms are perfect for any superfan. Stay tuned for more Marvel fun!

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