Mermaid Jokes Galore: 90 Splashes of Sea-rious Fun & Puns

Splash! Let’s plunge into an ocean of laughter with our fin-tastic friends, the mermaids! They’re known for their shimmering tails and enchanting voices, but did you know they’re also really funny?

Dive in, as we’re about to share “90 Jokes About Mermaids” that will surely have you bubbling with laughter!

a happy mermaid

Best Mermaid Jokes for Waves of Laughter

Hold onto your seashells, folks! These aren’t your everyday under-the-sea puns. Let’s ride the laughter wave with 20 of the best mermaid jokes.

  1. Why did the mermaid swim across the ocean? Because she wanted to get to the other tide!
  2. What do you call a mermaid who can play the guitar? A bass-maid!
  3. Why did the mermaid blush? She saw the ocean’s bottom!
  4. Why don’t mermaids ever get lost? They always follow the “sea-nic” route!
  5. What’s a mermaid’s favorite exercise? Swim-bics!
  6. Why did the mermaid bring a potato to the party? Because she wanted to bring a “sea-tater”!
  7. What’s a mermaid’s favorite class in school? Algae-bra!
  8. Why do mermaids always know how much they weigh? Because they have their own “scales”!
  9. What did the mermaid say to the fish? “Long time, no sea!”
  10. What do you call a mermaid with a crown? “Sea-queen”!
  11. Why are mermaids good at football? They always make a splash!
  12. How does a mermaid cheer up her friends? She tells them not to feel so “crabby”!
  13. Why was the mermaid good at boxing? She had a great right “hook”!
  14. Why did the mermaid start a business? She wanted to make it “big on porpoise”!
  15. What’s the mermaid’s favorite song? “Under the Sea-lene Dion”!
  16. What’s a mermaid’s favorite type of sandwich? Peanut butter and “jellyfish”!
  17. What did the mermaid use to call her friends? A “shellphone”!
  18. How do mermaids send mail? By “sea-mail”!
  19. Why did the mermaid go to school? To improve her “eel-education”!
  20. What did the mermaid say when she dropped her ice cream? “Oh ship!”
flying mermaid

Hilarious Mermaid Puns to Shell Out Smiles

Get ready to dive into a sea of wordplay and splash around in some punny humor. Here are 35 mermaid puns that are sure to make you ‘laugh your tail off’!

  1. Mermaids don’t like ‘shell-fies’, they’re too camera ‘shy’.
  2. A mermaid’s favorite cereal is ‘Sand-wiches’!
  3. To ‘scale’ back their work, mermaids ‘streamline’ their process.
  4. A mermaid’s favorite place to stop for lunch? The ‘sand-bar’!
  5. The favorite game of mermaids? ‘Hide and ‘sea”!
  6. When a mermaid is in love, she feels ‘so-fish-ticated’.
  7. Mermaids are always on a ‘sea-food diet’, they see food and eat it.
  8. Mermaids never argue because they always ‘go with the flow’.
  9. A mermaid’s favorite mode of communication is ‘current events’.
  10. Mermaids don’t attend school, they have ‘ocean classes’.
  11. When a mermaid sings, it’s always a ‘tuna-ful’ melody.
  12. Mermaids love math, especially ‘algaebra’.
  13. A mermaid’s favorite story is ‘The Little Purr-maid’.
  14. Mermaids don’t need a comb, they use a ‘fish brush’.
  15. When a mermaid wants you to hurry, she tells you to ‘get your tail in gear’!
  16. A mermaid’s favorite party game? ‘Musical clams’.
  17. The favorite movie of mermaids? ‘Salmon-ella’!
  18. Mermaids don’t like gossip, they consider it ‘fishy’.
  19. The favorite pop band of mermaids? ‘New Eel Kids on the Block’.
  20. When a mermaid is confused, she’s all ‘at sea’.
  21. A mermaid’s favorite car is a ‘Shellby Mustang’.
  22. Mermaids always take the ‘sea-nic route’.
  23. When a mermaid likes something, she says it’s ‘fin-tastic’.
  24. The favorite drink of a mermaid? ‘Salt-water’.
  25. Mermaids are great with tech, they love ‘surfing the net’.
  26. Mermaids don’t tell secrets, they ‘clam up’.
  27. Mermaids are natural musicians, they always play the ‘clam-bourine’.
  28. A mermaid’s favorite fruit? ‘Water-melon’!
  29. Mermaids always wear ‘pearls of wisdom’.
  30. A mermaid’s favorite comfort food? ‘Fish and ships’!
  31. Mermaids don’t read newspapers, they read ‘current affairs’.
  32. The favorite pet of a mermaid? A ‘catfish’!
  33. Mermaids don’t get caught, they have ‘scales of justice’.
  34. Mermaids don’t run for president, they run for ‘sea-nator’.
  35. Mermaids don’t like to be interrupted, they like to ‘fin-ish’ their sentences.
cute mermaid

Catchy Mermaid One-Liners: Quick Wit Under the Sea

Let’s float on over to the rapid-fire reef of mermaid wit! Here are 35 hilarious mermaid one-liners that will make you chuckle in waves.

  1. “Mermaids don’t age, they just get tide-r!”
  2. “The favorite ‘scale’ of mermaids? Major sea!”
  3. “Sea weeds? No, mermaids prefer sea flowers!”
  4. “Sea what I did there? Mermaid humor!”
  5. “Mermaids don’t get wet, they just get wavy!”
  6. “Mermaids don’t do chores, they have sea-nannies!”
  7. “Mermaids don’t have pets, they have swim mates!”
  8. “Mermaids aren’t picky eaters, they’re pescatarian!”
  9. “Why do mermaids always know the time? They keep an eye on the tide!”
  10. “Mermaids don’t argue, they just wave it off!”
  11. “Mermaids don’t have bad hair days, just sea-swept ones!”
  12. “Mermaids don’t get lost, they just take the scenic route!”
  13. “Mermaids don’t like fishy business!”
  14. “Why do mermaids always win races? They always make a splash!”
  15. “Mermaids never lie, they just bend the sea-truth a little!”
  16. “Mermaids don’t diet, they’re naturally fin!”
  17. “Why do mermaids refuse to play hide and seek? They don’t want to be seen-weed!”
  18. “Mermaids are social, they love to sea and be seen!”
  19. “Mermaids don’t have a bad side, they’re always looking ‘fin’!”
  20. “Why are mermaids good at math? They have an affinity for ‘Pi-rates’!”
  21. “Mermaids don’t drink coffee, they prefer kelp-accinos!”
  22. “Mermaids don’t listen to rumors, they just let it float away!”
  23. “Mermaids don’t have problems, just riptides to ride out!”
  24. “Why don’t mermaids ever lose their voice? They always have a backup clam-chorus!”
  25. “Mermaids don’t have best friends, they have sea-sters!”
  26. “Mermaids don’t do yoga, they do ‘soga’ – it’s all about the seaweed wrap!”
  27. “Mermaids don’t watch TV, they watch sea-NN!”
  28. “Why are mermaids always ready for a photo? They know how to scale it right!”
  29. “Mermaids don’t just swim, they do the ‘mambo’!”
  30. “Mermaids don’t tan, they just glisten!”
  31. “Mermaids don’t need alarms, they rise with the tide!”
  32. “Why are mermaids so flexible? They never buckle under pressure!”
  33. “Mermaids don’t get cold feet, just chilled fins!”
  34. “Mermaids don’t stress, they just go with the flow!”
  35. “Mermaids don’t need help, they have the entire ocean!”

Final Thoughts: The Ocean of Mermaid Humor

We’ve swum through an ocean of laughter with these 90 mermaid jokes, puns, and one-liners that I hope have left you with a smile as wide as the sea itself. Stay hooked to our blog for more such delightful journeys, and remember, keep swimming and keep smiling!

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