Squeak into Laughter: 100 Mouse & Mice Jokes and Puns

Whiskers twitching, fur sparkling, and tiny feet scurrying – we’re diving into the world of mouse puns today.

Perfect for squeaking up a good laugh at your next family gathering or party, these 100 funny mouse puns are truly cheddar than the rest.

So get ready, because it’s about to get really “mice” in here!

a happy mouse

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Best Mouse Jokes: Chuckle with Cheese-Loving Mice

Now it’s time to “paws” and prepare to “roar” with laughter because here come the 30 best mouse jokes, full of squeaky good humor.

  1. Why don’t mice use cell phones? Because they have mouse-terrible reception!
  2. Why did the mouse sit on the clock? Because he wanted to be on “mouse” time.
  3. What do you call a mouse with no tail? A “mouse-tery”!
  4. Why do mice need oiling? Because they squeak!
  5. What do you call a mouse that can pick up a monster? “Mighty Mouse”!
  6. Why did the mouse carry an umbrella? It was raining “cats and dogs”!
  7. Why did the mouse move to Hollywood? To get a squeak-uel!
  8. Why don’t mice need to drive? They prefer to “scurry”!
  9. What’s a mouse’s favorite record? “Squeaky Clean” by “Mice-T”!
  10. Why was the mouse a great detective? Because he always smelled a “rat”!
  11. How does a mouse feel after a shower? “Squeaky” clean!
  12. Why did the mouse go to school? To get a little “mice-education”!
  13. What do you call a mouse that can sing? A “mouse-ical” genius!
  14. What is a mouse’s favorite game? Hide and “squeak”!
  15. Why did the mouse go to the party? He heard it was a “mouse-querade”!
  16. What do mice use to floss? “String” cheese!
  17. How do you save a drowning mouse? Use “mouse-to-mouse” resuscitation!
  18. What do you call a mouse who can play guitar? “Squeak” Hendrix!
  19. Why did the mouse break up with his girlfriend? She had too many “cat-titude”!
  20. What do you call a mouse that can dance? “Mice”hael Jackson!
  21. What is a mouse’s favorite place to go on vacation? “Mouse-souri”!
  22. Why don’t mice like talking on the phone? They’re afraid of getting “cat”!
  23. How do mice celebrate a victory? They “squeak” easy!
  24. What did the mouse say to the keyboard? Stop being so “clicky”!
  25. Why did the mouse wear brown shoes? Because his white ones were at the “mice” cleaners!
  26. Why do mice hate summer? Because it’s too hot to “scurry”!
  27. What do you call a mouse who wears a crown? The “mice-ty” king!
  28. How does a mouse feel after a long walk? “Exhaust-mice-ted”!
  29. What do you call a mouse who can cook? A “mouse-terchef”!
  30. Why do mice like basketball? Because they’re good at “squeaking” by their opponents!

Stay tuned for the rest of our hilariously punny mouse jokes. And remember, it’s always a good time to have a good laugh!

Mouse Puns: A Whisker-Tickling Collection

Let’s scurry along from jokes to puns now, shall we? Get ready to squeal with laughter, because these 35 mouse puns are totally “un-mice-takable”!

  1. I’m feeling so “mice” today!
  2. This is the most “mice-tifying” experience ever!
  3. I’m totally “squeaked” out from all the running.
  4. She’s the most “mice-t” girl in the room.
  5. My job is a “rat-race”, but I’m more of a mouse.
  6. I can’t “mice-t” any appointments today.
  7. Don’t “squeak” up on me like that!
  8. That was an “ex-mice-t” performance!
  9. We’re in a real “mice-sticky” situation here.
  10. I “mice-t” have lost my keys.
  11. That dress is “mice-nificent”!
  12. This cheese is so “mice-ty”!
  13. He’s “mice-tro” of the symphony.
  14. I’ve got a “mice-rable” cold.
  15. Stop “mice-merizing” me with your eyes!
  16. I don’t want to “mice-t” you in the dark alley!
  17. That’s a “mice-tacular” view!
  18. Let’s have a “mice-cream” party.
  19. She’s a real “mouse-ician” on the piano.
  20. Can you give me “mice-pace” please?
  21. I’ve been working out, feeling “mice-cular” now!
  22. Your plan is full of “mouse-holes”.
  23. We’ve been working on this “mice-tic” project.
  24. You’re “mice-ly” dressed for the party!
  25. That was a “mice-tifying” roller coaster ride!
  26. I’m feeling a little “mice-schievous” today.
  27. This is a “mice-terpiece” of modern art.
  28. I can’t find the “mouse-hole” in your argument.
  29. He’s a real “mouse-tro” in the kitchen.
  30. You’re being “mice-chievous” again, aren’t you?
  31. It’s a “mice-take” to underestimate her!
  32. We’ve got a “mice-ery” on our hands.
  33. She’s always “mice-erly” with her time.
  34. I’m “mice-tified” at the thought of skydiving.
  35. Let’s “squeak” out for lunch.

There you have it – some puns to make you chuckle and grin, whiskers to tail. Now who said a mouse’s life is “cheesy”?

mouse holding a slice of cheese

Hilarious Mouse One-Liners: Quick Laughs for Busy Readers

We’ve come to the end of the cheese block, my friends. Let’s wrap up this mouse party with some quick, witty one-liners that are sure to be the “mouse-est” hit at your next social gathering!

  1. Mice to meet you!
  2. “Mice” day, isn’t it?
  3. What a “mice-acle”!
  4. You’re “mice-taken”.
  5. It’s a “mouse-t-have”!
  6. Don’t be so “mice-demeanored”.
  7. Feeling “mice-and-easy”.
  8. This is “mouse-ery”!
  9. Your secret’s “squeak”-ed out.
  10. You “mice-tified” me!
  11. Oh, the “mice-ry”!
  12. Keep “squeak” and carry on.
  13. Got a “mouse-ache”?
  14. “Mice-t” see you later!
  15. That’s “mice-tastic”!
  16. You’re such a “mice-creant”.
  17. Don’t “mice-treat” your friends.
  18. You’re as quiet as a mouse.
  19. It’s a “mouse-terious” affair.
  20. Your shoes are “mice”!
  21. This party is a “mice-blaster”!
  22. I’m on a “mice-t” diet.
  23. Don’t “squeak” a word!
  24. It’s a “mice-t” fine day.
  25. Can’t talk, cat got your “mouse”?
  26. It’s all “mouse” under the bridge now.
  27. You look “mice-tified”!
  28. It’s “mice-ly” done.
  29. What a “mice-trocity”!
  30. This is “mice-ly” unexpected!
  31. Don’t make a “mouse-tain” out of a molehill.
  32. You’re “mice-rable”!
  33. What a “mice-take”!
  34. It’s a “mouse-ical” night.
  35. Be “mice” to each other!
a mouse is sitting quietly with a smiling face

Last Words: End with a Squeak of Humor

We hope these puns, jokes, and one-liners have left you “squeak-ing” with laughter and brightened up your day. Always remember, in the world of humor, everything’s “mouse” game. Keep “scurrying” back for more pun-tastic fun!

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