70 Funny Pizza Jokes & Puns: A Slice of Humor to Savor

Get ready to knead some humor into your day with a slice of cheesy comedy.

In a world where the crust is your canvas and the toppings tell a tale, there’s no topping pizza for a plateful of puns.

Here are 70 dad jokes about pizza that are bound to make you say “Olive these jokes!” Let’s roll into the laughter.

master chief carrying pizza to serve

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Top Pizza Jokes: Cheesy Quips Ahoy!

Let’s toss aside the seriousness and dive into the delicious world of humor with these 20 best pizza jokes. You’re in for a saucy treat!

  1. Why did the hipster burn his mouth while eating his pizza? Because he ate it before it was cool!
  2. What’s a pizza maker’s favorite song? “Rolling in the Dough” by Adele.
  3. How do you fix a broken pizza? With tomato paste.
  4. What type of person doesn’t love pizza? A weir-dough!
  5. What’s the difference between a pizza and my pizza jokes? My jokes can’t be topped!
  6. Why did the pizza maker go broke? Because he just couldn’t make enough dough.
  7. What’s a dog’s favorite type of pizza? Pupperoni.
  8. Why did the tomato turn red on the pizza? Because it saw the salad dressing!
  9. How do you know if you are in love with pizza? If they stole a pizza your heart.
  10. Why did the mushroom get invited to all the pizza parties? Because he’s a fungi!
  11. How do you handle a dangerous pizza? Carefully, it’s hot and ready.
  12. What do you call a pizza with just peppers on it? A pepper-only pizza.
  13. Why did the scarecrow eat pizza? It was stuffed!
  14. Why did the man go into the pizza business? He wanted to make some dough.
  15. What does an aardvark like on its pizza? Ant-chovies.
  16. What did the pizza say when it introduced itself to the burger? Slice to meet you.
  17. Why does the pizza box flap always stay down? It has a lot of weight on its shoulders.
  18. What did the pizza slice say to the topping? Don’t you know, you’re on top of the world?
  19. Why did the pizza go to the dentist? It needed a filling.
  20. What does a pizza say when it wants to cuddle? Fold me close!
a happy pizza slice

Crust-worthy Pizza Puns to Share

Fancy a dash of pepperoni wit? Brace yourselves as we toss around 25 pizza puns that are way too gouda to be true.

  1. Why do we never tell secrets around a pizza? Because it’s likely to spill the sauce!
  2. Which pizza did the fancy Italian man order? The upper-crust.
  3. Why do pizzas make great employees? Because they always deliver.
  4. What did the angry pizza say to the topping that wouldn’t stay on? “You’re driving me crusty!”
  5. Why do pizzas never go out of style? Because they always come in a round fashion.
  6. What did the pepperoni say to the cheese? “You’ve stolen a pizza my heart.”
  7. What do pizzas use to smell good? Calzogne.
  8. Why was the pizza box blushing? Because it saw the pizza dough.
  9. How does a pizza say goodbye? “Slice to meet you, hope to dough you again soon!”
  10. Why do we never joke about pizza? Because it’s all about that pizza and quiet.
  11. What’s a pizza’s favorite song? “Slice, slice baby.”
  12. Why do pizzas hate winter? Because they can get a little too cheesy.
  13. Why was the pizza at the art gallery? Because it wanted to be a pizza art.
  14. Why did the tomato turn red? Because it saw the salad dressing and the pizza undressing.
  15. What do you call a sleeping pizza? A pi-zzz-za.
  16. What does a pizza wear to smell nice? Pizzacologne.
  17. What do you call an honest pizza? A straight-dough pizza.
  18. Why did the pizza go to school? To get a little more dough-knowledge.
  19. Why don’t pizzas ever get lost? Because they always find their way to the upper crust.
  20. What do you call a pizza with 3.14 slices? Pizzπ.
  21. Why do pizzas love to play cards? Because they have a great poker dough face.
  22. How do pizzas greet each other? “Nice to meat you!”
  23. Why is a pizza joke always funny? Because it’s always delivered hot.
  24. Why did the pizza meditate? To find inner-peace-a.
  25. Why don’t pizzas break up? Because they know there’s mushroom for improvement.
cat is eating a slice of pizza

Saucy Pizza One-Liners for a Quick Laugh

Nothing complements the spice of life like a quick one-liner, and what could be better than a pizza-themed quip? Here are 25 pizza one-liners that’ll add some extra seasoning to your humor.

  1. I used to hate pizza crust, but then I turned around.
  2. If your pizza jokes are cheesy, then you’re doing it right!
  3. I pepper-only have eyes for pizza.
  4. When it comes to pizza, I follow my heart…burn.
  5. Pizza is a lot like life: it’s all about what you put into it.
  6. The secret ingredient to every pizza is love. And extra cheese.
  7. They call me the “Pizza Whisperer.”
  8. A world without pizza? I can’t even imagine such crust-astrophe.
  9. You stole a pizza my heart, and I want it back!
  10. Is there a better triangle than a pizza slice? Absolutely not.
  11. Pizza: because adulting is hard.
  12. Why did the pizza go to therapy? Because it had trust crust issues.
  13. My heart says gym, but my mind says pizza.
  14. No, I don’t share pizza. That’s called trust issues.
  15. One slice of pizza is just not enough, said every person ever.
  16. A slice a day keeps the sadness away.
  17. I followed my heart, and it led me to the pizza parlor.
  18. Pizza is the universal language of yum.
  19. My pizza is missing. I feel so saucy.
  20. A pizza in hand is worth two in the box.
  21. Pizza understands me.
  22. The only love triangle I want is a slice of pizza.
  23. Life happens, pizza helps.
  24. Slay, then pizza. That’s my motto.
  25. Yes, I workout… just kidding, I eat pizza.

Chew on This: Our Final Slice of Pizza Wit

And there you have it, folks! A piping hot delivery of the most delicious pizza jokes, puns, and one-liners that will surely leave you ‘crust-ing’ for more. Because, let’s face it, who doesn’t knead a good laugh now and then? For more hearty humor and slices of life, bookmark our page and stay cheesy. Till then, keep the pizza-loving spirit alive because remember, life is always better with extra cheese and a side of laughter. Pizza out!

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