Tennis Puns: 70 Hilarious Shots of Humor & One-Liners

There’s no racket when we say tennis puns can be ace! Whether you’re a seasoned player, an avid fan, or just here for a smashing good time, we’ve netted some of the best tennis jokes and puns for you.

Dive in and let’s cause a racquet!

Tennis Puns

Tennis Puns: A Rally of Laughter

Ready for a volley of puns that’ll have you netting some chuckles?

  1. Tennis is a racket, but love means nothing to the players.
  2. Don’t serve me eggs for breakfast, serve me tennis balls!
  3. I once had a dream I was a tennis ball. It felt very bouncing.
  4. I tried to play tennis with a broken racket. It was a total “net” loss.
  5. My tennis opponent was a priest; I couldn’t break his serve.
  6. Tennis players have a string of good luck during matches.
  7. I’d tell you a tennis joke, but it’s too court-sided.
  8. I was reading a book on tennis, it was first serve fiction.
  1. Tennis players always bring their favorite strings to the match – it’s about net worth!
  2. My friend tried to annoy me with tennis puns, but it’s not her fault.
  3. I knew a tennis player who became a musician; he’s best known for his top spin hits!
  4. The tennis player liked tea – he always had a match-a.
  5. The bakery started making tennis bread; it’s all about that dough-volley!
  6. I thought the tennis ball was my friend, but then it just went over my head.
  7. The tennis player was calm because he had a lot of inner net peace.
  8. Why was the tennis game a fancy affair? It had a lot of courtship.
  9. Tennis players are great at parties; they really know how to serve.
  10. The tennis shoe was very talkative; it kept making a racket.
  11. I used to date a tennis player, but it wasn’t a match.
  12. I like my tennis games like I like my mornings – with a bright serve!

Who knew tennis could be such pun-filled fun?

Tennis Jokes

Funny Tennis Puns: Serving Up Chuckles

Serving up hilarity like a Grand Slam final – get ready to laugh!

  1. Why was the tennis game so loud? Because each player brought their own racket!
  2. What’s a tennis player’s favorite song? “Hit me baby one more time.”
  3. Why was the tennis book such a thrilling read? It had too many topspins!
  4. How do tennis players stay in touch? They meet at the net.
  5. Why did the tennis ball go to the team’s party? It was invited to serve.
  6. How do you know if it’s really cold at the tennis match? When you see the balls have shrunk.
  7. What do tennis players give each other for Valentine’s Day? Love-love.
  8. Why did the scarecrow become a tennis referee? He was outstanding in his field.
  9. Why are spiders good at tennis? Because they have great topspin webs!
  10. Why was the tennis court so classy? Because it had great net worth!
  11. How do tennis players show their affection? They kiss at the net.
  12. Why did the tennis player never get married? Because love meant nothing to him.
  13. How did the tennis player express his happiness? He said he felt like he just scored a grand slamwich!
  14. Why was the math book a poor tennis player? Too many problems to solve on the court.
  15. Why did the tomato turn red at the tennis match? Because it saw the salad dressing.
  16. What’s a ghost’s favorite tennis shot? The boo-lly.
  17. Why did the chicken play tennis? It wanted to serve up some egg-citement!
  18. How do you compliment a tennis player? Tell them they made a “racket” on the court.
  19. Why did the tennis player go to the art school? He wanted to draw a good serve.
  20. What did the fish say when it played tennis? “I’m fin to win!”

Hope these puns and jokes serve up some laughter on your court!

Tennis One Liners

Short Tennis One-Liners: Quick Hits of Humor

Get set for a fast serve of one-liners that’ll make you laugh faster than a tennis ace!

  1. Tennis: A sport where love means nothing.
  2. I’m reading a book on anti-gravity while playing tennis – it’s impossible to put down!
  3. Tennis players don’t marry because love means zero.
  4. I used to play tennis, but it was just a passing shot.
  5. If you think tennis is hard, try it with a badminton racket.
  6. Life is like tennis; the goal is to keep the ball in play.
  7. The scariest thing for a tennis ball? Net-flix.
  8. My tennis opponent was a baker; he kept serving up rolls.
  9. Tennis is the only game that begins with love all.
  10. My tennis game’s not that sharp, but I can certainly make a racket.
  11. In tennis, scoring zero is love, but in life, zero love scores you nothing.
  12. I was playing tennis with a novelist; he had an excellent foreword.
  13. You know you’re a tennis fan when you can’t watch a match without making a racket.
  14. Tennis players make excellent musicians; they always hit the right chord.
  15. My dog’s favorite tennis star? Roger Fetcher!
  16. Playing tennis with a pencil is pointless.
  17. Never date a tennis player; love means nothing to them.
  18. I don’t like tennis jokes; they’re always a bad serve.
  19. The problem with tennis jokes? They always fall flat on the court.
  20. Tennis players don’t get married; they prefer singles.
  21. Tennis lessons are a great way to meet singles in your area.
  22. I asked the tennis ball for its autograph; it just gave me a bounce.
  23. A tennis player’s favorite city? Volleywood!
  24. Tennis is the best game for statisticians; it’s all about the numbers.
  25. Why don’t tennis players ever get married? Because love means zero in tennis.
  26. If you want to beat me at tennis, you’ll have to net harder.
  27. Tennis and marriage are alike; both are a constant battle over service.
  28. I was playing tennis with a librarian; she kept asking for silence.
  29. Tennis players are great people once you get past their faults.
  30. You know you’re a tennis fan when your daily schedule revolves around the match time.

Tennis Pun Reflection: Our Top Picks

Serve up some laughter with these tennis puns, jokes, and one-liners. Whether you’re at a match, playing with friends, or just need a quick chuckle, these tennis quips are an ace way to lighten the mood. Share them with fellow fans and enjoy the game of love and laughs!

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