45 Funny Zelda Jokes

Hey there, fellow Hylians! Ever been in the midst of a heated battle with Ganon and thought, “Man, I could really use a laugh right now”?

Well, you’ve landed in the right kingdom. Prepare to embark on a chuckle-filled quest with these 45 rib-ticklers, dedicated solely to the enchanting world of Zelda. Ready? Let’s dive in!

Best Zelda Jokes

Best Zelda Jokes

Why did Link always carry a shield? To shield himself from bad jokes! But here are some that’ll make even Navi laugh!

  1. Why did Zelda go to art school? She wanted to draw her Master Sword!
  2. How do you organize a Zelda party? You Triforce it!
  3. Why did Link get kicked out of the music band? He broke too many pots!
  4. How does Link like his eggs? Hylian fried!
  5. Why was the math book sad in Zelda? Because it had too many problems to Link!
  6. Why didn’t Link use Facebook? He preferred to Twitter with the birds in Skyloft!
  7. What’s Link’s favorite type of fast food? The Rupee-thru!
  8. Why did Ganon look up the calendar? To find his weak days!
  9. Why did Zelda avoid computer class? Too many corrupted files and viruses from the Dark World!
  10. What did Link say to the Deku Tree? “I’m leafing, but I’ll return!”

Hope these brought a smile to your face! Remember, in Hyrule, laughter is as powerful as any sword!

Zelda Puns

Ready to get punny in Hyrule? Let’s take a break from adventuring to “Link” up with some zesty Zelda wordplay!

  1. When Link became a drummer, they called him the “Hero of Beats”.
  2. Link was great at basketball because he had a good “hookshot”.
  3. Zelda’s bakery is famous. She’s known for her “Triforce” of flavors.
  4. I told Link a joke about a boomerang, but it just came back to me.
  5. I wanted to play Zelda at night, but I couldn’t find the “Link” to the past.
  6. When Link couldn’t open the door, he realized he was in the wrong “key-dungeon”.
  7. Link was quiet because he didn’t want to “Hylian-d” about his adventures.
  8. Don’t tell Link secrets. He’s known to “Sheikah” it off to others!
  9. Did you hear about Link’s charging device? It’s called the “Triforce of Power-bank”.
  10. Never challenge Link to a match. He always brings his “game-and-watch”.
  11. Zelda doesn’t use elevators. She’s always taking the “Link Between Floors”.
  12. The reason Link was good at maths? He always knew how to “solve for ex(calibur)”.
  13. If Link were a rapper, he’d be called “2D Link”.
  14. Why was Link great at debates? He always had a “counter sword”.
  15. Link’s favorite subject? “His-story” of Hyrule.

A Link to humor is always a great way to brighten your day! Keep those puns rolling, adventurer!

Zelda One Liners

Stepping out of a temple and need a quick jest for the road? Here’s some Zelda-inspired wit in just one line!

  1. When Link sings, it’s a “hytune”.
  2. Ever seen Link’s resume? It’s just a “link” to his past.
  3. Zelda’s favorite vegetable? The “Link-on”.
  4. Link is terrible at hide and seek; he always stands out in “Hylian”.
  5. Fishing in Hyrule? Just for the “halibut”.
  6. “Hylian likely” I’ll spend all day playing Zelda.
  7. When Link gets tired, he needs a “Zelda-tonin” boost.
  8. Link’s secret weapon? His “charming” smile.
  9. Zelda’s favorite gaming console? “Sheikah” play all day.
  10. Ganon’s least favorite day? “Weak-ends”.
  11. Ever heard of Zelda’s joke book? It’s “legendary”.
  12. Link’s favorite type of music? Anything with a good “hookshot”.
  13. I tried cooking like Zelda; it was a “recipe” for disaster.
  14. Link always lights up a room. Must be his “bright” personality.
  15. Zelda’s favorite chair? One with “Link-lining”.
  16. Ganon’s favorite game? “Break the pot”.
  17. Link’s preferred mode of communication? “Sign” language.
  18. How does Zelda stay fresh? “Fairy” good hygiene.
  19. Why did Link always bring a pencil? In case he had to “draw” his sword.
  20. Zelda’s favorite snack? “Triforce” cookies.

Final Thoughts

In the vast universe of Zelda, there’s always room for a touch of humor. Whether you’re fighting foes or just enjoying the Hyrule scenery, let these quips bring a smile to your face. And remember, a day without laughter in Hyrule is like a quest without a fairy!

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