60 Hilarious Cricket Jokes & Puns

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, cricket fanatics and humor enthusiasts – get ready for a chuckle fest like no other! If you’re a fan of both laughter and cricket, you’ve clicked the right link.

Settle down, put on your laughing hats, and gear up for our compilation of ’60 Funny Cricket Jokes’. Be prepared to bowl over with laughter!

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Best Cricket Jokes

Alright, before you go padding up for this laughter innings, let’s take a warm-up swing, shall we? It’s time for the top 20 best cricket jokes to get you rolling on the pitch. Let the laughter-filled game begin!

  1. Why don’t cricketers ever get sunburned? Because they always have plenty of ‘covers’!
  2. Why did the cricket ball go to school? Because it wanted to learn some ‘spin’!
  3. Why was the cricket pitch feeling down? Because it was under ‘a lot of pressure’!
  4. What do you call a cricket umpire who plays guitar? An ‘amp’ire!
  5. Why did the wicket-keeper go to the bakery? Because he wanted to ‘catch’ some rolls!
  6. How do you know cricket is a baker’s favorite sport? Because it always ‘kneads’ a good batter!
  7. Why did the cricket fan take a nap during the match? Because he wanted to ‘catch’ some ‘zzzzs’!
  8. What’s a cricket player’s favorite type of music? ‘Hit’ parade!
  9. What do you call a cricketer who has just broken up with his girlfriend? A ‘single’ player!
  10. Why did the cricket player bring string to the game? Because he wanted to ‘tie’ the match!
  11. Why don’t cricketers tell secrets on the field? Because the stumps have ‘four ears’!
  12. What do cricketers use to make pancakes? A ‘bat’ter!
  13. Why was the cricket stadium so cool? It was full of ‘fans’!
  14. Why did the cricket player hold a snake? He heard it was a ‘spinner’!
  15. What’s a cricketer’s favorite type of story? One with a ‘catch’y plot!
  16. Why don’t cricket players ever get hungry? Because they always ‘run’ for their dinner!
  17. How do cricketers stay cool during a hot match? They sit next to their ‘fans’!
  18. Why did the cricket ball go to the party? Because it wanted to have a ‘blast’!
  19. What do you call a cricket player who is good at gardening? A ‘grounds’man!
  20. Why are cricket players always ready for a surprise? Because they’re always ‘on the ball’!
a batsman hitting a six

Cricket Puns

Swapping our joke-telling cap for a pun-ny hat, it’s time to dive into a world where cricket meets clever wordplay. If you thought cricket was all about boundaries and wickets, prepare to be stumped by our pun-tastic innings of 20 cricket puns!

  1. When I heard that the cricketer got an award, I knew it was a ‘hit’ honor!
  2. Losing your grip on the cricket bat can really put you in a ‘sticky wicket’.
  3. When the cricket player overslept, he was ‘caught behind’ the schedule.
  4. The cricket fan wasn’t just a follower; he was a true ‘bats’ man.
  5. You can always trust a cricket umpire because they ‘stand’ by their decisions.
  6. The cricket player wasn’t just good; he was ‘bat-tacular’.
  7. When a cricket player scored a century, he ‘runs’ the show.
  8. The lazy cricket player just couldn’t ‘catch’ up with the rest of the team.
  9. I asked the cricket player for a date, but I was ‘stumped’ when he said no.
  10. The cricket ball said to the bat, “I’m getting a bit ‘tired’ of being hit around”.
  11. The cricket player loved coffee because it gave him the ‘grounds’ to perform.
  12. The cricket captain was very clever, he could always ‘bail’ his team out of trouble.
  13. I told the cricket player a joke, and he was ‘bowled’ over with laughter.
  14. When the cricket player saw his favorite actress, he couldn’t stop ‘batting’ his eyelashes.
  15. Cricket players don’t need a juicer, they’re good at ‘squeezing’ runs.
  16. When the cricket player had a meal, he always had a ‘side’ order.
  17. The cricket player loved horror movies; they always gave him the ‘chills’, just like a close match.
  18. After the cricket player ate the spicy curry, he was ‘on fire’, just like his batting.
  19. When a cricket player becomes a writer, he’s sure to have a ‘bat-seller’.
  20. The cricket player couldn’t understand geometry, he always ‘missed the angle’.
a batsman trying to hit a short

Cricket One Liners

And now, for the third over in this laughter series, we’re pitching 20 cricket one-liners. Ready for a straight drive into the world of quick wit and cricket humor? Play on!

  1. Cricket is batsman’s game where most of the rules are in favor of bats.
  2. Cricket: Where the scores are as high as the temperatures.
  3. The cricket player went to a bar, and the bartender said, “Why the long face? Did you drop the catch?”
  4. If a cricket match is a battle, the pitch is the battlefield.
  5. The cricket player’s diet: ‘Run’ less, eat more!
  6. The stumps are the cricketer’s ultimate ‘stand’ards.
  7. Cricket – a game which the English, not being a spiritual people, have invented to give themselves some conception of eternity.
  8. Cricket players always have a ‘ball’ of a time.
  9. All is fair in love and cricket!
  10. Cricket, the only sport where you can score without touching the ball.
  11. Keep calm and bat on.
  12. An apple a day keeps the doctor away, but if the doctor is cute, forget the fruit!
  13. Bowling is simple, like making eggs, it’s all about line and length.
  14. The cricket player didn’t need a calculator, he was already ‘counting runs’.
  15. In cricket, your best mates are your wickets.
  16. The cricket team’s motto: ‘Catch’ us if you can!
  17. A cricket player’s favourite Shakespeare play must be “Much Ado about Catching”.
  18. Batting in cricket isn’t just about hitting boundaries, it’s about ‘running’ the show.
  19. In cricket, every ‘run’ counts!
  20. Life’s a pitch, and then you bat.

Final thoughts

Well, cricket lovers and laugh enthusiasts, that’s our innings of ’60 Funny Cricket Jokes, Puns, and One-Liners’ concluded. Remember, no matter how heated the match gets, laughter and cricket always make a winning combination. Stay tuned for more such ‘wicketly’ funny content!

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