Mole Puns Galore: Top 90 Rib-Ticklers & Knee-Slappers Unearthed!

Let’s dive into the world of puns – the mole world, to be specific!

These clever, quirky, and downright funny mole puns will have you giggling, chortling, and even groaning in delight.

Perfect for pun enthusiasts, mole lovers, or anyone just looking for a good laugh.

mole posing for a picture

Table of Contents

Dig Into Mole Puns: A Burrow of Laughs

Puns, Puns, and more Puns: Hold on to your shovels, folks, because we’re about to uncover a whole load of mole puns. These play-on-words are sure to soil you with laughter.

  1. I’m mole-dly in love with you.
  2. You’ve mole-ved me with your kindness.
  3. I’m digging these mole-ments with you.
  4. This is mole-ly unacceptable.
  5. You’re mole-vely today.
  6. That’s a mole-odrama!
  7. I’m so mole-tivated today.
  8. We had a mole-umental time.
  9. This is a mole-tifaction!
  10. You’re mole-volent.
  11. Life is full of ups and downs, but in the end, you have to dig deeper.
  12. My love for you is mole-ten hot.
  13. I’m having a mole-ltdown!
  14. That was a mole-tal mistake.
  15. Stop making a mountain out of a molehill!
  16. I’ll take mole-lasses over syrup any day.
  17. Let’s go on a mole-tiple date.
  18. It’s mole-tally awesome!
  19. I need some mole-itude right now.
  20. I’m in a mole-ancholic mood today.
  21. You look mole-uptuous tonight.
  22. The situation is mole-tifying.
  23. It’s time for a mole-tivation talk.
  24. This is mole-nificent!
  25. Let’s have a mole-liday.
  26. I’m going on a mole-adventure.
  27. That’s mole-tally out of line.
  28. Don’t be a party mole-ler!
  29. We’re having a mole-luck dinner.
  30. I’ve just had a mole-ment of clarity.
  31. He’s a mole-lecular biologist.
  32. You’re my one in a mole-lion.
  33. I just want to live a quiet, mole-est life.
  34. This is a mole-der mystery.
  35. The mole puns are mole-tiplying!
lazy mole

Best Mole Jokes: Chuckles Guaranteed

Ever heard a mole joke before? Hopefully not. Get ready to chuckle, because these are the top 20 mole jokes we’ve burrowed up from the depths of hilarity.

  1. Why don’t moles use smartphones? They prefer to remain underground!
  2. Why did the mole cross the road? To prove he wasn’t a chicken!
  3. How does a mole throw a secret party? He goes undercover!
  4. What did one mole say to the other on Valentine’s Day? I’m totally digging you!
  5. How do moles read? Braille of course, they’re not very good at sight-seeing!
  6. Why was the mole a great secret agent? Because he was a master of disguise!
  7. What do you call a mole who likes to go fishing? A rod-and-reel-ent!
  8. What do you call a mole that works in a bakery? A dough-mole!
  9. Why don’t moles like fast food? It never goes down well!
  10. What did the mole say when he popped out of the ground? “It’s a hole new world!”
  11. Why was the mole always calm? He knew how to keep his cool under ground!
  12. Why did the mole become a gardener? He had a natural knack for digging!
  13. What do you call a mole with a cold? Mole-ancholy!
  14. How do moles travel? They tunnel everywhere!
  15. Why did the mole bring a ladder? He was ready for some high-level digging!
  16. What do you call a mole who likes classical music? Moletzart!
  17. What’s a mole’s favorite exercise? Burrow-ups!
  18. Why do moles love to play hide and seek? They are always the one to hide!
  19. What’s a mole’s favorite day of the week? Mole-day!
  20. Why was the mole always positive? He knew he could only go up!
mole getting ready for office

Mole One-Liners: Quick Wit Below Ground

Mole One-Liners: Welcome to the zany land of one-liners, where moles rule the roost. Brace yourselves for a chucklesome journey, one mole-arious line at a time.

  1. That’s mole like it!
  2. Mole power to you!
  3. I’m having a mole of a time.
  4. It’s mole or nothing.
  5. Have a mole-tastic day!
  6. He’s a real mole model.
  7. Mole’s well that ends well.
  8. I’m going mole out!
  9. Keep it mole and void.
  10. That’s a mole point now.
  11. It’s a mole thing.
  12. I’m mole over the place!
  13. He’s in a mole of a mess.
  14. I’m in mole control here.
  15. It’s just a mole hill!
  16. That’s a mole breaker.
  17. Mole in one!
  18. He’s got the mole package.
  19. You’ve mole than met your match.
  20. I’m having a mole-good moment.
  21. It’s a mole new world.
  22. There’s mole to it than meets the eye.
  23. I’m digging the mole vibe.
  24. Let’s take the mole high ground.
  25. Mole better now.
  26. That’s a mole-matic no.
  27. I’m in a mole and a hard place.
  28. It’s a mole lotta love.
  29. Keep it on the mole low.
  30. It’s a mole in game.
  31. He’s got mole money, mole problems.
  32. Just another mole in the wall.
  33. You’ve got to mole-lieve.
  34. That’s a mole-otov cocktail!
  35. Time for a mole-batical.

Final Thought: The Mole Jokes & Puns Verdict

Now we have provided you with a treasure of mole puns, jokes, and one-liners that are perfect for any occasion. May these funny mole quips add a touch of underground humor to your conversations and brighten your day, one pun at a time!

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