Full Moon Jokes Galore: 90 Laughs & Lunar Puns

Hello, young astronauts and astronomers out there! Buckle up, because we’re launching straight into a galaxy of giggles with our collection of 90 hilarious moon jokes.

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Crater-Splitting Best Moon Jokes

Ready to rock-et your funny bone? Here are 20 of the most side-splitting moon jokes that will have you howling with laughter, just like a werewolf on a full moon night!

  1. Why did the moon burp? Because it was full!
  2. What do you call the moon’s favorite bakery? The Crust Bakery.
  3. Why couldn’t the astronaut book a room on the moon? Because it was full!
  4. What’s the moon’s favorite chewing gum? Orbit.
  5. Why did the moon go to school? To get brighter!
  6. Why did the sun go to school? Because it didn’t want to be outshined by the moon!
  7. What do you call a moon out of orbit? A lunartic!
  8. How does the man in the moon cut his hair? Eclipse it!
  9. Why did the moon join the circus? It wanted to be the star of the show!
  10. What do astronauts use to keep their pants up? An asteroid belt.
  11. Why does the Moon go to the bank? To change its quarters!
  12. What did the Moon say to its therapist? I’m just going through a phase.
  13. How do you know when the moon has had enough to eat? When it’s full.
  14. Why was the Moon at the party thrown out? It was not crescent fresh.
  15. What do you call a clock on the moon? A lunartick.
  16. How does the moon cut his lawn? With a comet-mower!
  17. Why does the moon never feel heavy? Because it’s lighter!
  18. Why did the astronaut bring a broom to the moon? To clean up the stardust.
  19. What do you call the moon when it takes a break? On a lunar vacation.
  20. Why does the moon keep its lights on? It’s afraid of the dark side!
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Over-the-Moon Puns to Eclipse Your Blues

Strap in tight, because we’re about to go on a pun-derful journey across the lunar landscape. Get ready to chuckle and groan with our collection of 35 fantastically cheesy moon puns!

  1. Why don’t secrets work on the moon? Because it’s sure to leak, it’s full of craters!
  2. The moon’s jokes are so bad, it’s causing an eclipse of laughter.
  3. When the moon does well, it’s truly a star performance.
  4. The moon’s favorite song? “Fly me to the moon and let me pun among the stars.”
  5. The moon’s meals are out of this world, they are absolutely lunar-ch!
  6. Did you hear about the rich moon? It has a full quarter.
  7. The moon’s report card is always bright, it always gets glowing remarks.
  8. The moon’s favorite day of the week? Sun-day.
  9. The moon’s favorite state? New Moon-sico.
  10. What’s the moon’s favorite dance? The moonwalk, of course!
  11. What’s the moon’s favorite drink? Starbucks’ lunar latte.
  12. The moon never went to college, but it does have a satellite degree.
  13. The moon was getting dressed, it was in its crescent best.
  14. The moon was late to the meeting, it couldn’t wax on time.
  15. The moon is broke, it’s down to its last quarter.
  16. The moon must be a great cook, it whips up a new phase every few days.
  17. The moon is a great singer, it always hits the high notes.
  18. The moon’s favorite candy? Milky Way bars.
  19. The moon loves reading, it’s always turning the page to a new phase.
  20. The moon’s best friend? The stars, they always hang out together.
  21. The moon hates playing hide and seek, it’s always spotted!
  22. The moon is always calm, it’s very good at keeping its cool.
  23. The moon loves to gossip, it’s always spreading lunar rumors.
  24. The moon is never tired, it’s always up at night.
  25. The moon must be a comedian, it always cracks up the sky.
  26. The moon’s favorite place to shop? The meteor market.
  27. The moon has a bright career in politics, it always campaigns for the space.
  28. The moon’s car is always clean, it’s always waxed.
  29. The moon must be a baker, it always has lots of rolls.
  30. The moon loves theater, it’s always in the spotlight.
  31. The moon is a great driver, it’s always in the right lane.
  32. The moon’s favorite movie? Star Wars, it loves a good space drama.
  33. The moon loves fishing, it’s always casting its line.
  34. The moon never forgets, it’s always full of memories.
  35. The moon is a great artist, it always draws a crowd.
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Stellar Moon One-Liners That’ll Light Up Your Night

If laughter makes the world go round, then these one-liners are ready to rocket you straight to the moon! Hang on tight for a joyride of 35 cosmic, quick-witted moon one-liners.

  1. The moon never gets to RSVP, its invitations are always in space.
  2. When the moon gets in trouble, it’s grounded and can’t leave its orbit.
  3. The moon is always waxing poetic about the stars.
  4. If you think the moon is out of this world, you’re right!
  5. The moon’s only famous once in a blue moon.
  6. The moon isn’t a foodie, but it loves cheese.
  7. The moon’s got no life, but it sure lights up a room.
  8. The moon is the best dancer, it’s got the perfect spin.
  9. The moon always knows what phase it’s in, it’s very self-aware.
  10. The moon may not be a star, but it’s got a stellar presence.
  11. The moon can’t keep secrets, it’s always mooning around.
  12. The moon’s a great detective, it always keeps its eye on the world.
  13. The moon is a fashionista, it has a different look every few nights.
  14. The moon doesn’t need a flashlight, it’s got a natural glow.
  15. The moon’s great at math, it’s always going through its phases.
  16. The moon’s a good listener, it’s up all night.
  17. The moon’s favorite hobby? Lunar landings!
  18. The moon’s got a sharp sense of humor, it’s always crescent.
  19. The moon never throws a bad party, it’s always full of surprises.
  20. The moon may not be a planet, but it’s got a lot of space.
  21. The moon never tells jokes, but it’s always cracking up.
  22. The moon’s a musician, it always has a good beat.
  23. The moon never needs to diet, it’s always light.
  24. The moon’s a poet, it always has a verse for the universe.
  25. The moon’s an artist, it always paints the night sky.
  26. The moon’s always on time, it’s got a great lunar calendar.
  27. The moon is a romantic, it’s always mooning over the sun.
  28. The moon never skips leg day, it’s always on the run.
  29. The moon’s a magician, it always pulls a night out of the hat.
  30. The moon is always in the news, it’s a real star.
  31. The moon never gets lost, it’s got its own orbit.
  32. The moon is never shy, it always shows its face.
  33. The moon’s a great host, it’s got space for everyone.
  34. The moon never hogs the spotlight, it’s got a star-studded cast.
  35. The moon’s a great comedian, it always leaves you over the moon.

Final Thought: Afterglow of Laughter

In the starry sky of humor, these moon jokes, puns, and one-liners shine the brightest. They’re perfect for lightening the mood or sparking a smile on a cloudy day. Remember, keep laughing and keep exploring. After all, the moon isn’t the limit when you have a universe full of laughter!

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