Pie Jokes & Funny One Liners: A Feast of Humor

Get & ready to giggle, chuckle, and guffaw, my friends! We’ve cooked up a deliciously funny treat for you.

Welcome to our blog on ‘101 Funny Pie Jokes.’ From apple pies to chicken pies, these jokes are the perfect ingredients to serve a hearty laughter pie.

So buckle up and get ready to laugh your ‘pies’ out!

a chief chick carrying a pie

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Best Pie Jokes: Hilariously Sweet and Savory

And now, the ‘pie-èce de résistance’ of our joke buffet, let’s dive into the 21 best pie jokes that are sure to sweeten your day with laughter.

  1. Why did the apple pie go to a dentist? Because it needed a filling!
  2. What’s a pie’s favorite type of music? Crust punk!
  3. Why did the pie go to school? It wanted to be a pi-lot!
  4. What did the angry dessert say to the thief? “That’s the last straw-berry pie you steal!”
  5. Why did the baker go to therapy? He had too many crust issues!
  6. What’s a ghost’s favorite pie? Boo-berry!
  7. Why was the math book sad? Because it had too many problems… and not enough pie!
  8. What’s a pie’s favorite chair? An apple p-i-e-kea!
  9. What do pies use to make a phone call? An apple pie-pad!
  10. Why did the pie go to a psychiatrist? Because it had fillings too!
  11. What’s a pie’s favorite movie? Life of Pie!
  12. Why was the cherry pie so proud? It was filling its own shoes!
  13. What do pies use to unlock doors? A pie-key!
  14. What do pies say when they play hide and seek? “Ready or not, here I crumb!”
  15. Why was the lemon meringue pie so sour? It just found out it wasn’t the apple of anyone’s pie!
  16. What’s a pie’s favorite dance move? The crust-step!
  17. What did the pie say after a long day? “I’m crust and baked!”
  18. Why did the pie join the circus? Because it wanted to be a pie-robat!
  19. What’s a pie’s favorite sport? Crust-country running!
  20. Why don’t pies ever win at poker? They always fold!
  21. Why was the pumpkin pie so good at baseball? Because it had the perfect pitch-er of whipped cream!
a pie in the bowl

Pie Puns: A Slice of Laughter

Hold on to your forks, pun-lovers! Prepare to have your funny bone ‘pie-ked’ with these 45 delectably witty pie puns.

  1. I don’t want to dessert you, but I must go to pie-ce.
  2. The overbaked pie said, “I’m feeling crust-fallen.”
  3. We were having a peaceful pie-cnic until the ants arrived.
  4. If you happen to meet a pie, don’t forget to say ‘pie-leasure.’
  5. Love is like a good pie, it brings a piece of joy.
  6. The math teacher’s favorite dessert? An apple pi!
  7. Don’t be crusty, have a slice of humility pie.
  8. The pie’s memoir was titled, ‘Life of Pie: A Crusty Tale.’
  9. The pie turned down a movie role; it didn’t want to be typecast.
  10. The pie was so good, it deserved a standing ‘bake’-tion.
  11. She fell in love with him because he knew the way to her tart.
  12. If a pie can play music, it’s probably a ‘pie-ano.’
  13. The humble pie always keeps the ego crust-checked.
  14. The pie had a great weekend. It went to the beach and got pie-ly tanned.
  15. If you’re ever down, remember, life is as sweet as pie.
  16. The pie was generous, it always gave a piece of its mind.
  17. A pie’s life mantra? ‘Crust in yourself.’
  18. The pie was very private, it never shared its fillings.
  19. The pie couldn’t keep a secret, it always spilled the beans.
  20. The pumpkin pie is a gourd-geous dessert.
  21. The pie kept dreaming about the bakery – it had a sweet tooth.
  22. Pies make for great comedians, they know all about perfect ‘pie-ming.’
  23. The pie looked in the mirror and said, “I am flan-tastic!”
  24. The pie’s workout regime? A lot of crunches for a firm crust.
  25. The chatty pie loved to engage in a piece of conversation.
  26. Pie chefs are the sweetest, they always dish out compliments.
  27. The pie felt great after a good ‘bake-over.’
  28. The pie lived by the rule, ‘Easy as pie.’
  29. The pie was on a diet, it wanted to lose some crust.
  30. The pessimistic pie always thought the oven was half empty.
  31. The friendly pie always welcomed everyone with open tarts.
  32. The lazy pie had a laid bake attitude.
  33. The pie couldn’t find its keys, it was in a real crust-er.
  34. The pie fell for the tart at first bite.
  35. The pie’s favorite day of the week? Sun-bake-day.
  36. The pie started a blog called ‘Crust and Crumble.’
  37. The pie kept its fillings bottled up.
  38. The romantic pie said, “I only have pies for you.”
  39. The pie opened a bakery, the business was rolling in dough.
  40. The pie joined the gym, it was tired of feeling flaky.
  41. The pie was caught daydreaming, it was in a food coma.
  42. The pie’s favorite song? ‘Sweet Child O’ Pie-ne.’
  43. The pie didn’t like office politics, it preferred to keep it pie-rate.
  44. The witty pie always cracked everyone up, it was a ‘pie-oneer’ in humor.
  45. The pie always stood up for itself, it was pie-resilient.
a happy crow is eating pie

Pie One Liners: Quick Wit in Every Slice

Ready to serve up some fast, flaky fun? Here are 45 pie one-liners that will make your day a piece of cake!

  1. A pie without a filling is like a joke without a punchline.
  2. Making a pie is a piece of cake.
  3. Pies: The only circles I understand.
  4. You want a piece of me? – Pie, probably.
  5. Keep calm and carry a pie.
  6. A pie on the hand is worth two in the oven.
  7. To slice or not to slice, that is the pie question.
  8. Baking pies, not lies!
  9. In crust, we trust.
  10. No one likes a soggy bottom!
  11. Sweet dreams are made of pies.
  12. Eat more pie; it’s mathematically delicious.
  13. You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy pie.
  14. Pie, oh my!
  15. As easy as pi…e.
  16. Life’s uncertain, eat dessert first!
  17. Live free, pie hard.
  18. Pie like you mean it.
  19. Keep your friends close and your pies closer.
  20. Love at first bite.
  21. Rolling in the dough.
  22. I came, I saw, I ate pie.
  23. Pies before guys.
  24. The apple of my pie.
  25. Pie is the answer, no matter the question.
  26. In pie we crust.
  27. Happiness is homemade.
  28. When life gives you apples, make apple pie.
  29. A day without pie is a day wasted.
  30. The secret ingredient is always love.
  31. I bake, therefore I pie.
  32. Pie is always a good idea.
  33. Live, love, pie.
  34. Too much of a good thing is wonderful.
  35. It’s a pie thing, you wouldn’t understand.
  36. I only have pies for you.
  37. Home is where the pie is.
  38. Keep your pie high.
  39. Pies are the universal language of love.
  40. Today’s forecast: 100% chance of pie.
  41. There’s no place like home, except the bakery.
  42. Cut my pie into four pieces, I don’t think I could eat eight.
  43. You miss 100% of the pies you don’t eat.
  44. Once in a pie moon.
  45. Pie-fection comes in all shapes and sizes.

Last Words: The Cherry on Top of Pie Dad Jokes

As we wrap up this laugh riot, remember that humor is the pie that fills the crust of everyday life. So take these pie jokes, puns, and one-liners and spread the sweetness of laughter. After all, a well-baked joke is a perfect recipe to lighten up any conversation!

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