Rain Jokes: 60 Laugh-out-Loud Puns & One-Liners for Rainy Days

Ever looked out of the window on a drizzly day and felt the need to giggle?

Well, we’ve got you covered! Dive into these 60 funny rain jokes that will turn your gloomy day into one filled with laughter. Forget your umbrella; bring your sense of humor instead!

Rain Jokes

Best Jokes About Rain to Brighten Your Day

When life gives you rainy days, share these splash-tastic jokes!

  1. Why did the raindrop give up? It was too wiped out!
  2. How does a raindrop say hello? Water you up to!
  3. What’s a cloud’s favorite type of music? The sound of drizzle!
  4. Why did the cloud break up with the sun? It was too shady!
  5. Why did the thunder dump the lightning? There was too much spark!
  6. What’s a raincloud’s favorite dessert? Whipped cream and sprinkle!
  7. How do you start a rainy race? Ready, set, soak!
  8. What did the rain say to the leaf? Keep your chin up, I’ve got your back!
  9. Why did the rain get an award? It had the best downpour-formance!
  10. What did one raindrop say to the other? Two’s company, puddle’s a crowd.
  11. What happens when it rains cats and dogs? You might step in a poodle!
  12. What do you call it when it rains chicken? Fowl weather!
  13. How do you know if a cloud is rich? It has a silver lining!
  14. What’s a rain cloud’s job? Showering the earth!
  15. Why did the scarecrow love the rain? It was outstanding in its field!
  16. What does daylight-saving time mean in Seattle? An extra hour of rain.
  17. Why do rain clouds play the drums? They like the sound of a pitter-patter!
  18. What’s a rain cloud’s favorite game? Drip, Drip, Drop!
  19. What do you call a rainy day at school? Wet-nesday!
  20. Why did the rain go to school? To become a little mist-erious!

Enjoy the downpour of humor!

Rain Puns

Hilarious Rain Puns That’ll Make a Splash

Drizzle yourself with giggles! These rain puns are sure to make a splash!

  1. Raining cats and dogs? Watch out for the puddles!
  2. The weather forecast was rain, but it mist us.
  3. When it started raining, I dew the curtains.
  4. I’m reading a book on anti-gravity. It’s impossible to put down, just like rain!
  5. That thunderstorm was so shocking; it was truly electrifying!
  6. I’m feeling under the weather, especially when it’s raining!
  7. Whenever it rains, my mood is a little cloudy.
  8. Drip into shape, it’s just water weight!
  9. This rain sure is putting a damper on things.
  10. Rain has its pros and cons. It pours and it reigns!
  11. After the rain comes a rainbow, but what comes before? The letter ‘w’.
  12. Raincoats might be waterproof, but they’re also the perfect cover-up!
  13. I have a joke about drizzles, but it’s a bit watered down.
  14. Rain gives me pour feelings.
  15. When it rains, I’ve always found it a mist-ery.
  16. Clouds just want to have a precipitation party!
  17. Rain or shine, it’s umbrella time!
  18. Weather forecast for tonight: it might rain and it might not.
  19. If you think rain’s annoying, wait till it hails!
  20. After the storm passed, the clouds decided to clear things up.

Keep those umbrellas up and spirits higher!

Rain One Liners

Quick Rain One-Liners for Instant Smiles

Splashing into humor, one drop at a time!

  1. Rain is just confetti from the sky.
  2. On a rainy day, every cloud has a wet lining.
  3. Rain: nature’s way of watering the plants.
  4. A rainy forecast is the universe telling you to take a nap.
  5. Sun’s out, I’m out. Rains out, couch out!
  6. I find rain quite refreshing, if not a little pour-ing.
  7. If you ask me about my mood when it rains: cloud nine!
  8. I’ve heard rain on a roof is the universe applauding.
  9. Rainy days are the universe’s soup days.
  10. When life rains on your parade, dance in it.
  11. Can’t rain on my parade if I’m marching in the puddles.
  12. Weather alert: today’s forecast is 100% chance of cozy.
  13. Let the rain wash away, the pain of yesterday.
  14. Rain doesn’t ask permission; it just drops by.
  15. Some people feel the rain, others just get wet.
  16. There’s a storm brewing, but I’ve got my tea brewing too.
  17. Umbrellas might shield you from rain, but not from life.
  18. Rainy days are perfect for soul-searching or Netflix.
  19. Between every two raindrops, there’s a breath of life.
  20. I make it rain… but only because I spilled my water.

Final Thoughts on Funny Rain Jokes

The world’s a little brighter, even when the sky’s a little cloudier. Embrace the rain and let it tickle your funny bone. Dive into these puns, jokes, and one-liners and let the rainy day blues drizzle away.

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