Big Ear Jokes: 110 Hilarious One-Liners & Puns to Tickle Your Funny Bone

Ears are funny, aren’t they? They stick out on both sides of our heads, faithfully serve as handles for our glasses, and most importantly, they’re our gateways to the world of sounds!

Welcome, fellow humor enthusiasts, to our curation of “110 Jokes About Ears”. Tune in, or rather, read on, to explore a symphony of giggles, chuckles, and belly laughs!

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Best Big Ears Jokes: Side-Splitting Humor

Ready for a laughter overload? Here are 30 of the best ear jokes that will definitely have you in splits! Sound good? Let’s dive right in!

  1. Why don’t secrets ever get past your ears? Because they go in one ear and stay there!
  2. Why did the iPod go to school? To improve its ear-tunes.
  3. What do you call an elf who sings into your ear? Elvish Presley.
  4. Why did the ear go to therapy? It couldn’t handle the hearing voices anymore.
  5. What do you call an ear that can sing? The Ear-ie Pavarotti.
  6. Why do ears never tell secrets? They know how to keep things under the ear-lid.
  7. Why was the ear always losing weight? It was into sound fitness.
  8. What do you call a dog with magical ears? A Labracadabrador.
  9. Why did the ear go to the eye doctor? It heard that vision is 20/20.
  10. What did the ear say to the loud noise? Ear-ouch!
  11. Why did the ear refuse to play the lottery? It didn’t like the sound of it.
  12. Why was the ear always cold? It left the window open.
  13. Why did the ear apply to the university? It wanted a degree in sound.
  14. What did the knee say to the ear? I kneed you!
  15. Why did the ear join the circus? It loved the sound of applause.
  16. Why did the ear take up gardening? It wanted to plant some ear-daisies.
  17. Why do ears make bad comedians? They can’t handle ear hecklers.
  18. What do you call an ear with an attitude? Ear-ogant.
  19. Why did the ear get a time-out? It wouldn’t stop making noise.
  20. Why did the ear go to the party? To hear the music.
  21. Why was the ear a terrible cook? It couldn’t handle the heat in the kitchen.
  22. Why did the ear get a job at the radio station? It loved the sound of the job.
  23. Why did the ear get a piercing? It wanted to look ear-dazzling.
  24. Why did the ear not go to the horror movie? It heard it was scary.
  25. Why don’t ears make good soccer players? They can’t handle the noise on the field.
  26. Why did the ear go to the shoe store? It wanted to hear the latest shoe gossip.
  27. What did the ear say to the loud music? You’re ear-ritating me!
  28. Why don’t ears ever stop listening? They’re afraid they might miss something.
  29. Why did the ear bring a suitcase to the airport? It wanted to travel light.
  30. Why did the ear go to the concert? To ear-ppreciate the music.

Laugh Out Loud with Ear Puns

Let’s kick things off with some “ear-resistible” puns that’ll tickle your funny bones…or should I say auditory ossicles?

  1. Why don’t ears ever lose at poker? They always play it by ear.
  2. Why was the ear always stressed out? It had too much to process!
  3. My friend has an ear for music. It’s rather remarkable—he also has an ear for corn.
  4. Did you hear about the ear that graduated from college? It finally got its “hear”-ing degree!
  5. I tried to draw an ear today but I couldn’t. I’m just not good at ear-draw-dynamics.
  6. What’s an ear’s favorite type of jacket? An ear-er-dynamic one, of course!
  7. Why are ears so good at baseball? They have great pitchers—just look at their earlobes!
  8. How do ears stay fit? They always do a-ear-obics.
  9. Why do ears never get lost? They always find the right auditory canal.
  10. What is an ear’s favorite instrument? The ear-ukulele!
  11. Why don’t ears use maps? They always follow the sound advice.
  12. What do you call an ear’s kitchen? The Sound Bar!
  13. Why did the ear go to the bakery? To get some sound rolls.
  14. My ear decided to join the military. It’s now a high-ranking off-ear-cer!
  15. I got a job at a factory making plastic ears. It’s in-ear-esting.
  16. What do ears do when they are bored? They eavesdrop.
  17. What did one ear say to the other ear? Between us, we’ve got this brain surrounded.
  18. I got a second job making hearing aids; it’s hard, but ear-nest work.
  19. Why don’t ears make good detectives? They always listen in on the wrong conversations.
  20. What do you call an ear that plays guitar? An ear-oic rockstar!
  21. Why was the ear always smiling? It loved the sound of laughter.
  22. What do you call an ear that tells jokes? An ear-comedian.
  23. Why was the ear so good at bowling? It knew how to handle the bowl-ear.
  24. How do ears party? They just let their hair cells down!
  25. Why was the ear so fashionable? It had an ear for style.
  26. Why are ears bad at keeping secrets? They always let things slip through the ear drum.
  27. What’s an ear’s favorite fruit? The ear-ange.
  28. What’s an ear’s favorite candy? Ear-heads.
  29. Why don’t ears like fast food? They prefer sound nutrition.
  30. How do ears greet each other? They just wave and say “Ear you!”
  31. Why don’t ears go on adventures? They hate to be all ears.
  32. Why was the ear a good musician? It had a knack for soundtracks.
  33. How do ears enjoy a good movie? They love the surround sound.
  34. What do you call an ear that writes poetry? An ear-thor.
  35. Why did the ear go to the concert? To hear the sound of music.
  36. Why don’t ears get involved in debates? They prefer to listen and learn.
  37. Why are ears never surprised? They always hear it coming.
  38. Why did the ear join the football team? It had a good ear for the game.
  39. Why was the ear a good judge? It could always hear both sides of the story.
  40. Why did the ear go to the party? It was tired of ear-dropping at home.
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Top Ear One-Liners for a Quick Chuckle

Brace yourself for an “ear-ful” of hilarity as we delve into some brilliantly funny one-liners about ears!

  1. I have a fear of overly large ears—I think it’s a legitimate “ear-ational” fear.
  2. My ears were late for the meeting—they couldn’t handle the ear-ly start.
  3. They say you are what you eat. But I didn’t eat a listening device, so why am I all ears?
  4. I tried to avoid the music, but I just couldn’t turn a deaf ear.
  5. My ears must have a mind of their own. They’re always eavesdropping.
  6. My left ear is the extroverted one—it’s all about stereo.
  7. I hate playing hide and seek with my ears. They always find a loophole.
  8. Tried to have a conversation with my ears. It was very one-sided.
  9. My ears are great listeners. They always let sound in, never out.
  10. Got my ears a personal trainer—they’re ear-xercising now.
  11. Ears don’t work weekends—they can’t handle all the sound business.
  12. My ears got lost at the concert—they just can’t resist good music.
  13. Took my ears shopping, but they couldn’t pick anything. Too much retail therapy, I guess.
  14. Sent my ears to the university. They’re studying sound engineering now.
  15. My ears love the opera. They’re classy like that.
  16. Took my ears to a comedy show. They couldn’t stop ear-laughing.
  17. Ears love jazz music. It’s all about the ear-improvisation.
  18. Ears don’t like to gossip. They’re ear-thical like that.
  19. My ears just published their autobiography. It’s titled “Life: A Soundtrack.”
  20. Can’t tell my ears anything in secret. They always ear-cho it.
  21. My ears hate loud music. They’re more into the sound of silence.
  22. My ears are terrible at tennis. They can’t handle the loud service.
  23. Told my ears a joke. They didn’t laugh. Guess it wasn’t sound funny.
  24. My ears went on a date. They fell in love at first sound.
  25. Ears don’t like going to the dentist. Too much of a drill.
  26. I asked my ears to keep a secret. They said they are ear-sealed.
  27. Ears like to travel, especially when there’s music in the air.
  28. Gave my ears some advice. They decided to follow it by ear.
  29. My ears started a band. They called it The Sound Waves.
  30. I never ask my ears for favors. They’re always too ear-occupied.
  31. My ears can’t stand spicy food. It’s ear-tably hot for them.
  32. I painted a portrait of my ears. It was an ear-reverent masterpiece.
  33. My ears refuse to participate in arguments. They’re too ear-guable.
  34. Tried to teach my ears to cook. They were ear-drumstruck.
  35. Ears don’t like cold weather. They feel ear-isistibly chilly.
  36. Ears enjoy watching movies. They always get the best sound seats.
  37. Ears hate going to parties. Too much sound socializing for them.
  38. My ears are on a diet. They’re trying to be sound healthy.
  39. Ears can’t stand puns. They find them ear-excruciatingly bad.
  40. My ears are nature lovers. They love the sound of the wilderness.

Final Thoughts on Big Ears Jokes Insults & More

Thank you for lending your ears to our cacophony of humor! These 110 ear jokes are proof that laughter is just a pun away. Keep listening to the sound of comedy and remember, the world is full of sounds waiting to tickle your funny bone!

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