Laugh Out Loud with 60 Hilarious Pigeon Jokes & Witty Puns

Ever heard a pigeon coo and thought, “I bet they’re cracking a joke”? Here’s a collection of 57 “funny pigeon jokes” that will send your sides soaring high!

Get ready to squawk with laughter because these bird-brained humor pieces are feather-ly amusing!

a happy pigeon

Hilarious Pigeon Jokes: A Riot of Laughter

Hold onto your feathers, jokesters! We’ve got 17 of the best pigeon jokes that will definitely ruffle your funny bone. Here they come:

  1. What do you call a pigeon that flew away?
    • A “coo-dini”!
  2. Why did the pigeon join the dating app?
    • Because he heard there were plenty of “tweets”!
  3. Why did the pigeon get in trouble at school?
    • It wouldn’t stop “pigeon-holing” the teacher!
  4. Why don’t pigeons use Facebook?
    • They’re afraid of public “sqwawking”!
  5. How does a pigeon show affection?
    • By giving “peck” on the cheek!
  6. Why did the pigeon break up with its partner?
    • They had “coo-ple” problems!
  7. What do you call a pigeon who finished first in a race?
    • A “beak-on” of success!
  8. Why was the pigeon at the gym?
    • It wanted to work on its “flaps”!
  9. What’s a pigeon’s favorite type of news?
    • “Fly-by” news!
  10. What’s a pigeon’s favorite game?
    • “Hide and ‘squawk'”!
  11. Why did the pigeon go to the party?
    • It heard it was going to be “coo-l”!
  12. What do you call a pigeon who can play piano?
    • Beak-hoven!
  13. Why don’t pigeons play hide and seek?
    • Because they always “coo” when they’re hiding!
  14. What’s a pigeon’s favorite type of math?
    • “Squawk-ratic” equations!
  15. Why was the pigeon in the kitchen?
    • It wanted to try “peck-ing”!
  16. Why don’t pigeons like talking on the phone?
    • They prefer “tweeting”!
  17. What’s a pigeon’s favorite pastime?
    • “Window “peck-ing”!
a white pigeon in a serious mood

Witty Pigeon Puns to Tickle Your Funny Bone

Looking to tickle your funny bone with a feather? Let’s dive “beak-first” into these 20 hilarious pigeon puns!

  1. That confident pigeon? Quite a “strut” above the rest!
  2. Pigeon mail services? Now that’s some “first-class” delivery!
  3. The pigeon that joined the army was a real “coo-de-ta”!
  4. Pigeon chess players always play for the “check-mate”!
  5. A well-travelled pigeon? That’s a “worldly squawker”!
  6. The pigeon baker? Known for its “roll” call!
  7. Pigeons at the concert? They love the “high coo-stics”!
  8. The pigeon marathon? It was a “coo-rious” race!
  9. The pigeon that can’t decide? Call it “indecisive pecker”!
  10. Pigeons watching a romantic movie? That’s a “coo-ples” night!
  11. The pigeons’ favourite dessert? “Berry coo-ler”!
  12. The pigeon who loves gardening? She has the “greenest beak”!
  13. That pigeon that loves gossip? A real “squawk box”!
  14. The artistic pigeon? It’s a “masterpeck”!
  15. The pigeon at the spa? Enjoying a “coo-cumber” facial!
  16. That pigeon always telling secrets? Quite the “whispering wing”!
  17. The pigeon who became a poet? Its work is “verse-tile”!
  18. Pigeons at the beach? They’re just “winging” it!
  19. The pigeon who loved school? What a “book beak”!
  20. The pigeon that became a judge? Known for “fair feather” rulings!

Quick Laughs: Pigeon One-Liners

Can’t get enough of our pigeon humor? Here’s a quick-fire round of 20 pigeon one-liners to “coo” over!

  1. “Pigeons: nature’s original tweet-ers!”
  2. “Be a pigeon: stay ‘coo-l’ under pressure!”
  3. “Always be yourself, unless you can be a pigeon, then always be a pigeon!”
  4. “Even pigeons know, it’s ‘coo-l’ to be kind!”
  5. “My diet’s like a pigeon’s. Mostly crumbs.”
  6. “Pigeons: Masters of the walk of ‘fame’!”
  7. “Why fly when you can strut, says the pigeon!”
  8. “Being a pigeon isn’t easy, it’s a ‘coo-p’!”
  9. “It’s hard to keep secrets when you’re a pigeon. Too many ‘tweets’!”
  10. “When a pigeon looks into your window, it’s ‘pecking’ into your soul!”
  11. “A pigeon’s life: Eat. Strut. Repeat.”
  12. “Pigeons: Champions of ‘hit-and-run’ tactics!”
  13. “The power of ‘coo’ is stronger in a pigeon!”
  14. “Pigeon motto: Sky’s the limit!”
  15. “In the world of pigeons, the early bird catches the breadcrumbs!”
  16. “Have a pigeon mindset: See the world, one ‘peck’ at a time!”
  17. “There’s no such thing as ‘personal space’ in a pigeon’s world!”
  18. “Pigeons: The only ones who can rock ‘messy feathers’ look!”
  19. “In the world of pigeons, one man’s car is another bird’s canvas!”
  20. “Pigeons: Masters of the urban jungle!”

Final Thoughts: The Joy of Pigeon Humor

A hilarious mix of the best pigeon jokes, puns, and one-liners to tickle your funny feathers. If you are a bird lover then these pigeon puns surely brought a smile to your face. Just remember: always keep your sense of humor soaring high, just like our feathered friends, the pigeons!

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