November Jokes: 40 Hilarious Puns & One-Liners

Ah, November! That magical time between spooky scares and festive cheer. And what’s the best way to slide into the season? Jokes, of course!

Get ready to gobble up the funniest, most relatable November gags ever crafted. Beware: You might just find yourself laughing until December!

November Jokes

Top November Jokes for Kids & Adults

When the leaves fall and the turkeys get nervous, you know it’s time for… November jokes!

  1. Why did the turkey join the band in November? Because he had the drumsticks!
  2. What did one November say to the other? I Autumn know you!
  3. Why was November bad at secrets? Because it always spills the beans… before Thanksgiving!
  4. What’s every pumpkin’s dream in November? To grow up and become a pie!
  5. How do trees feel in November? Relieved, because they’re finally undressing.
  6. Why do November turkeys always say “gobble”? They’re trying to get the last word in!
  7. What’s the most musical part of November? The brrr!
  8. Why was the November calendar so popular? Because it had a lot of dates!
  9. How do you compliment a November chef? “Your turkey is absolutely gobble-licious!”
  10. Why did the scarecrow win an award in November? He was outstanding in his field all autumn!
  11. How does November mend its pants? With autumn patches!
  12. Why did the November tomato turn red? Because it saw the salad dressing… and remembered it’s almost winter!
  13. Why was the Thanksgiving book so good? It had a juicy turkey plot twist in November!
  14. What do November grapes say to each other? “Soon, we’ll be wine-ing about the cold!”
  15. Why did the November corn stalk get promoted? It was all ears and very a-maize-ing at its job!
  16. Which November vegetable can’t keep a secret? Leek.
  17. Why did the November sun go to school? To brighten its skills before winter!
  18. What do you call a feline that loves November? A turkey cat-a-strophe!
  19. How did the November coffee show gratitude? It was always brew-thankful!
  20. Why was the November potato so cool? It was a sweet spud!

Remember, as the days get shorter and the air gets cooler, our sense of humor just keeps warming up! Dive into November with a grin and these snappy jokes. Happy chuckling!

November Puns

Laugh-out-loud November Dad Jokes

When November rolls in, so do the puns! Here’s a sprinkle of humor to warm up those chilly days.

  1. I really wanted to pen down a November joke, but I guess I’ll have to “leaf” it for now.
  2. Why did November blush? Because it saw the other months changing!
  3. November is truly “gourd”geous, don’t you think?
  4. I’d make a November joke, but most are just too “corny.”
  5. “Feast” your eyes on all the beauty November brings!
  6. Autumn leaves in November are just tree confetti for winter’s party.
  7. Don’t “fall” for the myths; November can be quite warm… at least in our hearts!
  8. Want to hear a November joke? Wait, I’m still “stuffing” my mind for one.
  9. “A-maize-ing” things happen when November begins.
  10. Why did the turkey join the band in November? Because it had the drumsticks!

Hope those brought a smile to your face!

November One Liners

Quick-wit November One-Liners

As November breezes in, let’s lighten up the mood with some crisp one-liners.

  1. November: when trees undress and we bundle up.
  2. November’s motto? “Eat, thank, repeat.”
  3. If October was a question, then November is the answer.
  4. November: More than just a prelude to Christmas.
  5. Scarves, cocoa, and the promise of snow – November delivers.
  6. Not just another month; it’s November magic.
  7. “Frozen fingers, warm hearts; November’s art.”
  8. November: The universe’s way of saying, “Slow down and cozy up.”
  9. Between Halloween candy and Christmas feasts, November stands subtly sweet.
  10. November whispers of winter, but still sings autumn’s tune.

Final Words

Embrace the chill and joy of November’s embrace, a month that merges warmth with wintry whispers.

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