77 Paper Puns & Funny Jokes

Hey kiddos, have you ever thought about what would happen if paper started telling jokes? Yep, you heard that right! Our humble, everyday paper is brimming with giggles and grins.

Get ready to roll on the floor laughing because we’re about to embark on an incredibly fun journey filled with 77 paper puns!

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Paper Puns

Hold onto your hats, because we’re about to dive into a whirlwind of wordplay! These paper puns are guaranteed to leave you in splits and make you fall in love with the paper all over again.

  1. I’m quite “re-moved” by your paper folding skills.
  2. Don’t take it “for granite,” but my rock-paper-scissors game is unbeatable.
  3. This essay has me “tearing” my hair out!
  4. We’ve been working so much, we’re practically “on a roll.”
  5. My new notebook is absolutely “note-worthy.”
  6. This new printer is “tearing” it up!
  7. My paper airplane keeps crashing; it’s just not “flying” with me.
  8. Paper jokes are just “tearable.”
  9. I can’t find my stationery, it’s simply “unpenned.”
  10. Paperclips always “stick” together.
  11. That textbook is just “re-volting,” it’s way too heavy!
  12. I think I’m “falling” for origami.
  13. This notepad is really “drawing” me in.
  14. I’m all about that “binder life.”
  15. Origami has really “unfolded” a new passion in me.
  16. This crossword puzzle is really “crossing” me.
  17. I’ve got “reams” of work to do!
  18. I’m simply “enveloped” in all these letters.
  19. Papermaking is a truly “pressing” task.
  20. My thoughts are just “spilling” onto the page.
  21. You’ve got to be “kidding” me, another paper cut!
  22. Let’s “cut” to the chase, scissors always beat paper.
  23. I’m simply “unwinding” with a good book.
  24. My paper tower is quite “stacked.”
  25. I just can’t “wrap” my head around this paper mache.
  26. I’m quite “drawn” to this sketchpad.
  27. This paper plane is “soaring” above the rest.
  28. These paper flowers are “blooming” beautiful.
  29. I can’t “erase” the fact that I love this notepad.
  30. I’m simply “pulled” towards paper crafts.
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Best Paper Jokes

Alright, here we go! Fasten your seatbelts, because we’re about to tickle your funny bone with the top 17 paper jokes we’ve got up our sleeves!

  1. What did the paper say to the pencil? “You’ve got a good point!”
  2. Why was the paper always stressed? It couldn’t cope with the reams of pressure!
  3. Why did the notebook never argue with the paper? It didn’t want to start a tear-able fight!
  4. What did the paper clip say to the magnet? “I find you very attractive!”
  5. Why don’t secrets last in a stationery cupboard? The paper always spills the ink!
  6. Why did the sheet of paper go to school? To become an A+ student!
  7. Why was the paper super cool at the party? Because it was tear-ific!
  8. Why do sheets of paper always lose at poker games? Because they always fold!
  9. What’s a paper’s favorite sport? Boxing. It always loves to be in the ring binder!
  10. What’s the paper’s favorite pop group? The Rolling Reams!
  11. What did the paper say to the pen? “You’re on point today!”
  12. Why was the piece of paper a great actor? Because it always played the lead role!
  13. Why did the paper go to the disco? Because it heard the jam was paper-thin!
  14. Why was the piece of paper so insightful? It started every day with a blank page!
  15. Why did the envelope go to therapy? It felt empty inside, it just needed someone to address its feelings.
  16. What’s a paper’s favorite horror movie? The Ring (Binder)!
  17. What do you call a paper airplane that can’t fly? Stationery!
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Paper One Liners

Get ready to giggle! We’re diving into a flurry of quickfire one-liners that prove paper can be as punchy as it is punny. Prepare for a riot of laughter with these 30 paper one-liners!

  1. If papers could talk, they’d probably have a lot to “sheet” about!
  2. Life without paper is un”write”able.
  3. Origami is the “fold” standard of paper crafts.
  4. I’ve got a “stack” of things to do today.
  5. This notebook has a “binding” contract with my thoughts.
  6. I’d be “lost” without my map.
  7. Paper is nature’s way of saying “let’s write.”
  8. Paper: the ultimate “medium” for ideas.
  9. Getting a paper cut is the ultimate betrayal.
  10. This page is just waiting to be “filled.”
  11. My love for paper is “unrivaled.”
  12. I “book” my ideas on paper.
  13. Paperwork: the bane of trees and humans alike.
  14. Puns about paper? They’re “unbeatable.”
  15. “Print” it, don’t say it!
  16. “Pen” is mightier than the sword, but paper holds the pen.
  17. A “sheet” of opportunities awaits you.
  18. Lost in “reams” of my thoughts.
  19. “Card” to believe? It’s paper magic.
  20. Paper’s life is “bound” in books.
  21. Paper: “Plain” simple yet complex.
  22. My desk is a “forest” of paper.
  23. The love letter, “sealed” with a kiss.
  24. “Ink” about it, paper is a silent hero.
  25. If paper ruled, we’d all be “in folds.”
  26. A “weighty” issue: Paper versus digital?
  27. In a paper world, we all are “characters.”
  28. Paper, the canvas of thoughts.
  29. Doodle on paper, doodle in life.
  30. An artist’s paper: A “scene” of potential.

Final Thought

There we have it, a flurry of 77 paper jokes to brighten your day! Remember, even the simplest things, like paper, hold a world of fun and laughter. Keep this handy list in your back pocket for a dose of giggles whenever you need one!

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