Bagel Jokes: 110 Delightful Puns & One-Liners That’ll Make You Crave Laughter

Ever had a chuckle with a bagel in your mouth? No? Well, we’ve got a whole lot of bagel humor that’s about to change that.

Dive into our collection of 110 hilarious bagel jokes that will have you laughing harder than your belly after an ‘everything’ bagel feast. Roll on the bagel banter!

Best Bagel Jokes

Top Bagel Jokes to Spread a Smile

Ready to have a circularly delightful time? Brace yourself for a generous spread of hilarity with these 40 best bagel jokes that promise a giggle galore!

  1. What kind of bagel can fly? A plain bagel!
  2. Why did the bagel go into the bar? Because it needed a good “roll”!
  3. What’s a bagel’s favorite type of music? Loaf-fi beats!
  4. Why do bagels make great detectives? They always go through the “hole” story!
  5. Why don’t bagels get sunburnt? They have plenty of “roll-on”!
  6. How does a bagel call its friends? On the breadline!
  7. Why do bagels never get lost? Because they always roll back home!
  8. What’s a bagel’s favorite exercise? A roll-up!
  9. Why don’t bagels use social media? They’re worried about getting “toasted” online!
  10. What’s a bagel’s favorite spot? The breakfast table – it’s where they “roll”!
  11. Why are bagels such great boxers? They always have a punch “roll”!
  12. Why did the bagel go to the party? To have a “hole” lot of fun!
  13. How do bagels like to travel? Well, they “roll” everywhere!
  14. What’s a bagel’s favorite dance move? The “roll” and twist!
  15. Why are bagels terrible at tennis? They can’t serve, they just roll!
  16. Why did the bagel get promoted? It had a lot of dough!
  17. Why did the bagel join the orchestra? Because it had the “roll” of a lifetime!
  18. Why do bagels make poor secret agents? Because they always get caught “loafing” around!
  19. How do bagels like their eggs? In a “roll”!
  20. Why are bagels the life of the party? Because they really know how to “roll”!
  21. What did the bagel say to the butter? “Stop spreading rumors”!
  22. What’s a bagel’s favorite day of the week? Fry-day!
  23. Why did the bagel get a timeout? It wouldn’t stop “rolling” around!
  24. What’s a bagel’s favorite sport? Roll-er derby!
  25. What do you call a bagel that can play the guitar? A “roll” n’ rock star!
  26. What do bagels use to fix everything? Duct “dough”!
  27. Why are bagels terrible secret keepers? They tend to “spill the beans”!
  28. Why do bagels hate summer? They don’t want to get “toasted”!
  29. How do bagels greet each other? “Rolling, dude”!
  30. What does a bagel do when it’s bored? It goes on a “roll”!
  31. What do you call a forgetful bagel? A “dough-nut”!
  32. Why did the bagel take a nap? It was “bready” for bed!
  33. What do you call a scared bagel? A “roll” chicken!
  34. What’s a bagel’s favorite type of story? A “roll-licking” good one!
  35. Why did the bagel cross the road? To get to the other “side”!
  36. Why do bagels hate winters? They can’t handle the “frost-ing”!
  37. What do you call a bagel that’s a good listener? An “ear” of cornbread!
  38. Why don’t bagels like talking on the phone? They prefer to “roll” text!
  39. What do you call a bagel who’s a comedian? A “roll” joker!
  40. Why do bagels make great friends? They’re always there when you “knead” them!

Trust us, you’ve never had a “roll” this fun! Enjoy these jokes over your next bagel breakfast, and don’t forget to “spread” the laughs!

Bagel Puns

Irresistible Bagel Puns that Are Anything but Plain

Ready for another “round” of bagel giggles? Let’s “knead” into these 40 deliciously punny bagel puns that’ll “rise” to the occasion!

  1. I’m on a roll today, just like a bagel.
  2. If a bagel can fly, it’s probably plain awesome.
  3. This bagel is so good, I can’t “breader” it!
  4. My love for bagels is infinite, just like their shape.
  5. Who needs a laugh? I’ve got a whole “bagel” of jokes.
  6. Keep calm and have a bagel, it’s the “yeast” you can do.
  7. You’re “breader” believe I love bagels.
  8. Did you hear about the bagel that got promoted? It rose to the occasion.
  9. The bagel shop is my “holey” place.
  10. Bagels are very “knead-y” in the morning.
  11. That bagel must be tired, it’s been “rolling” around all day.
  12. Don’t trust a bagel, they always “go around” things.
  13. This bagel is “dough” delicious!
  14. A perfect circle of happiness? That’s a “round” about way of describing a bagel.
  15. Bagels are the “roll” models of the bread world.
  16. Bagels make me feel “toasty” inside.
  17. That bagel is so cool, it’s “bread-taking”.
  18. Be patient, the bagel is “rising” to the occasion.
  19. Bagels are always up for a “round” of fun.
  20. I’m “loafing” around with a bagel today.
  21. Bagels always “roll” with the punches.
  22. My love for bagels is “un-bagel-ievable”.
  23. Bagels are always the “toast” of the town.
  24. I’m on a “roll” with these bagel puns.
  25. I can’t “loaf” without my morning bagel.
  26. Bagels always make a “hole” lot of sense.
  27. Bagels always have a “round” about way of solving problems.
  28. Bagels don’t mind being the butt of jokes, they’re “bread” for it.
  29. The “hole” world loves a good bagel.
  30. Bagels always “rise” to a “bready” challenge.
  31. That bagel has a “roll” in making my morning great.
  32. Bagels are “baking” me crazy!
  33. That’s the “yeast” funny bagel pun I’ve ever heard.
  34. Don’t “glaze” over these bagel puns.
  35. I “donut” know what I’d do without bagels.
  36. My day isn’t complete without a “round” of bagel fun.
  37. Bagels are always ready for a “toast” of good times.
  38. Bagels are “baking” the world a better place.
  39. Bagels are the “bread and butter” of my breakfast.
  40. Bagels always know how to “butter” me up.

That’s all “yeast” folks! Enjoy these puns with your next “bready” delight, and remember, life’s better with a bagel and a pun!

Bagel One Liners

Quick Bagel One-Liners for a Chuckle On-the-Go

Think bagels can’t get any funnier? Think again! Get ready for a mouthful of mirth with these 30 crispy bagel one-liners!

  1. Bagels: the only food that gives you a 360-degree perspective.
  2. Bagels – the best thing since, well, sliced bread.
  3. There’s a “hole” lot to love about bagels.
  4. Bagels – the circle of life at breakfast.
  5. Bagels: proof that breakfast can be both well-rounded and hole-some.
  6. Bagels – helping humans “roll” out of bed since the 17th century.
  7. The early bird gets the worm, but the early human gets the bagel.
  8. Bagels – love at first bite.
  9. Whoever said, “don’t play with your food” never met a bagel.
  10. Bagels: breakfast of the champions and the champion of breakfasts.
  11. “To bagel or not to bagel” – that’s a silly question.
  12. Bagels – fueling Monday mornings since time immemorial.
  13. Never underestimate the power of a good bagel.
  14. A bagel a day keeps the hangry away.
  15. Bagels – round, delightful, irresistible, repeat.
  16. If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the bagel shop.
  17. The best thing about bagels? They always come full circle.
  18. Don’t be sad, have a bagel instead.
  19. A bagel in the hand is worth two in the bakery.
  20. Happiness is a warm, toasted bagel.
  21. In the circle of life, bagels are top tier.
  22. The only thing better than a bagel is two bagels.
  23. Bagels – rolling into hearts and bellies every morning.
  24. If life were a bagel, it would be an everything bagel.
  25. Bagels: the tastiest “O” in the alphabet.
  26. Bagels – like a hug for your taste buds.
  27. A bagel is just a donut that went to private school.
  28. Don’t worry, bagel happy.
  29. Bagels – making mornings “hole”-some!
  30. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of bagels.

Wrapping Up: Why Bagel Jokes Are the Ultimate Pick-Me-Up

Who knew a ring of bread could roll in so much laughter? Bagels are not just our breakfast heroes, but also the champions of wit, puns, and one-liners. So next time you bite into that crispy, chewy delight, remember – a bagel is not just food; it’s a way of life. Keep rolling, keep laughing, and always have room for one more bagel joke!

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