Hilarious Camping Jokes & Puns: 70 Laughs for Campfire Chuckles

If you like camping tours, then you should always carry the secret sauce with you. Well, laughter is the secret sauce that can enhance your camping trip.

Get ready to add a dose of hilarity to your wilderness adventures with our collection of 70 gut-busting camping jokes.

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Best Camping Jokes: Rib-Tickling Fun in the Great Outdoors

Camping brings us closer to nature, but who says it can’t tickle our funny bones too? Ready for a laughter riot under the stars? Here are the top 20 camping jokes that’ll have you howling like a coyote in the moonlight!

  1. Why don’t campers ever play hide and seek?
    • Because good luck hiding when your tent’s up!
  2. Why did the camper carry a clock?
    • Because he wanted to have “time” in the wilderness!
  3. What’s a tree’s favorite camping gear?
    • Bark-a-loungers!
  4. Why was the camping trip so romantic?
    • Because they had a “tent-der” moment!
  5. What do you call a bear that hates camping?
    • A desp-‘bear’-ado!
  6. Why did the tent break up with the sleeping bag?
    • It wanted more “space”!
  7. What do you call a camper who sleeps like a log?
    • Nature’s snore-est!
  8. Why didn’t the camper bring a map?
    • He wanted to “go-with-the-flow”!
  9. Why don’t some bugs go camping?
    • They don’t want to be ‘in-tents’!
  10. What do you call a joke told around a campfire?
    • A crackling good story!
  11. What’s a camper’s favorite type of note?
    • A post-camp!
  12. Why don’t campers ever get cold?
    • Because camping is in-‘tents’!
  13. What did the first aid kit say to the camper?
    • Be careful, I’ve got you “covered”!
  14. Why did the camper bring a flashlight?
    • He wanted to “light” up his life!
  15. Why did the camper put his bedroll on the fire?
    • Because he wanted to sleep like a “log”!
  16. Why don’t campfires ever compete?
    • They don’t want to be a ‘blazing’ failure!
  17. Why did the camper bring a ladder?
    • To get to the “peak” of comfort!
  18. Why don’t trees ever go camping?
    • They can’t pack up their ‘trunk’!
  19. What do you call a camper who tells tall tales?
    • A camp-fire storyteller!
  20. What do you call a camper who sleeps under the stars?
    • A dreamy adventurer!
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Camping Puns to Keep the Spirits High Under the Stars

Puns, they’re the life of a party, and quite frankly, they’re unbe-leaf-able around a campfire. Ready to turn your camping trip into a pun-fest? Let’s dive into 25 of the best camping puns guaranteed to leave you and your pals groaning with glee.

  1. My camping trip really “in-tents”!
  2. I’m getting “s’more” and “s’more” excited for camping!
  3. I’m having a “knotty” time setting up this tent!
  4. Camping in the wild is quite un-“bear”-lievable!
  5. I’m feeling “punny” around the campfire!
  6. That camping trip was really “pitch”-perfect!
  7. I’m not a “glamp”er, I’m a camper!
  8. Let’s “branch” out and try a new campground!
  9. My sense of “ad-vent-ure” is tingling!
  10. Time to “pack” up and go on a camping trip!
  11. Camping really helps me to “unwind”!
  12. I can’t “es-cape” the beauty of nature!
  13. Sleeping under the stars? That’s my kind of “night” out!
  14. Camping is so much fun, I’m having a “reel” good time!
  15. I’m having a “fire” time at the campsite!
  16. Don’t “be-leaf” me? Just try camping once!
  17. Be “warn” out from camping? Never!
  18. Can’t “canoe” believe how beautiful this lake is!
  19. Camping in winter? Now that’s “cool”!
  20. Fishing at the campground, it’s “o-fish-ally” my favorite part!
  21. I hate camping… Said no one “ever-green”!
  22. The camper couldn’t “stand” living in the tent, so he sat!
  23. “Trail” blazer or tent setter, all are welcome!
  24. Can’t “bayou” love this swamp camping site?
  25. My camping stories? They are truly “tent”-ertaining!
Polar Bear is enjoying camping

Quick Laughs: Camping One-Liners for Every Camper

Humor is a camper’s best friend, and one-liners? They’re the quick-witted cousin. Prepare to tickle your funny bone with 25 camping one-liners that will leave your fellow campers laughing ‘round the fire.

  1. If camping is wrong, I don’t want to be right!
  2. Camping: nature’s way of promoting the motel industry.
  3. What’s a camper’s favorite unit of measure? The ‘s’more’-meter!
  4. “Roughing it” takes on a new meaning when you forget the toilet paper!
  5. Campers do it in sleeping bags!
  6. Camping is the art of getting closer to nature while getting farther away from the nearest cold beverage, hot shower and flush toilet.
  7. I got lost while camping, but it’s okay, I’ve pitched my tent in denial.
  8. The only camping zone for me is a 5-star hotel.
  9. Don’t camp under the stars, they’re far too distant!
  10. Wilderness: A good place to go but a poor place to stay.
  11. If a bear stumbles upon your campsite, play dead. If that doesn’t work, play really dead!
  12. My camping equipment’s older than me!
  13. I’m outdoorsy in the sense that I like to get drunk on patios.
  14. Camping is where you spend a small fortune to live like a homeless person.
  15. “Pack light” they said, I didn’t know they meant the tent too!
  16. I used to be a ‘glamper’, but now I’m a happy camper.
  17. Camping: the original social-distancing activity.
  18. I camp to burn off the crazy!
  19. There are two kinds of campers: those who do, and those who don’t. I did. I don’t.
  20. I go camping to relax… just kidding, I have kids!
  21. On camping trips, take only pictures, leave only footprints.
  22. Camping hair? Don’t care!
  23. Camping without beer is just sitting in the woods.
  24. Camping: where you can get in touch with your primitive side, while eating beans from a can.
  25. The most intense part of camping? Setting up the tent!

Camping Dad Jokes: Humor to Share Around the Campfire

Humor is an essential part of any camping trip. So, grab your tent, pack your favorite jokes and puns, and let laughter echo across the wilderness. Remember, a camping trip without humor is like a campfire without flames— it’s just not the same!

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