70 Jokes About Worms

Worms! Those little wiggly wonders beneath our feet. While they may be wriggling in the dirt, their humorous potential is sky-high.

Dive into this collection of wormy wisecracks and get ready to chuckle, because these jokes about worms are anything but “wormed” out.

Worms Jokes

Best Worms Jokes

Ready for a wriggle of laughter? Dive right in!

  1. Why did the worm sit on the computer? To surf the web soil!
  2. What do you get if you cross a worm and an elephant? Very big holes in your garden.
  3. Why did the worm blush? Because it saw the earth move!
  4. How can you tell which end of a worm is which? Wait for it to smile!
  5. What’s a worm’s favorite song? “I Will Sur-vine!”
  6. Why did the worm go to school? To learn about wormholes.
  7. How do worms settle their differences? They worm it out!
  8. What’s a worm’s favorite place in the library? The compost section.
  9. Why was the computer cold? It had worms.
  10. What’s a worm’s idea of a good time? Going in circles!
  11. Why did the two worms never fight? They didn’t want to get in a twist.
  12. Why did the glow worm never go to school? Because he wasn’t too bright!
  13. How do you make a worm stew? Keep him waiting!
  14. Why did the worm cross the playground? To get to the other slide.
  15. What did one worm say to the other? “I’ll see you in the ground later!”
  16. Why don’t worms have trouble waking up? Because they’re early birds!
  17. What’s a glow worm’s favorite song? “Light My Fire!”
  18. How do you know if a worm is lying? When he’s off the straight and narrow.
  19. Why don’t worms use smartphones? They prefer “earth” calls.
  20. How did the worm get on the school bus? It went around the apple.
  21. Why are worms good at math? They know the drill when it comes to “round” numbers.
  22. What’s a worm’s favorite band? The Beatles, especially their hit “I am the Wormus!”
  23. What do you get if you cross two worms with a spider? Eight socks at Christmas!
  24. Why did the worm stay out of the story? It didn’t want to get booked.
  25. Why was the worm feeling brave? Because he was in-chested.
  26. What’s a worm’s favorite game? Hide and Seek. They’re always in the dirt!
  27. What did the woodworm say to the chair? “It’s been nice gnawing you!”
  28. Why was the worm so polite? It always gave “grounded” compliments.
  29. How can you tell if a worm likes your joke? It’ll crack up, split in two!
  30. Why do worms love comedians? They keep them in stitches.

So, there you have it! A worm-load of giggles to wriggle into your day. Remember, when life gets tough, just think of these worm jokes and soil yourself with laughter!

Worms Puns

Worms Puns

Ready to squirm with delight? These puns are un-worm-believably funny!

  1. The worm farmer’s motto? Dirt today, gone tomorrow.
  2. Every worm’s dream? To be the early bird’s worst nightmare.
  3. Always trust a soil worm; they’re down-to-earth.
  4. The worm dance move? The squiggle and wiggle.
  5. It’s worm outside today, isn’t it?
  6. My favorite actor? Earthworm Keaton.
  7. That worm is a wriggly character, but I’m lured by his charm.
  8. Worms in love? It’s a real ground-mance!
  9. Did you hear about the worm’s party? It was totally soil’d.
  10. Never invite worms to a fishing trip; it’s a baited invitation.
  11. Why was the worm feeling proud? He was in the spotlight, a true glow-getter.
  12. Why did the worm join the school band? He could play the bass like a pro-digester.
  13. A worm’s favorite social platform? Twitch.
  14. Why did the worm get a promotion? He worked his way up from the ground.
  15. You think that’s a long worm? That’s just the tip of the earthberg.
  16. The worm turned down the apple because it didn’t want to be core’d.
  17. Always let a worm join your team; they really dig deep.
  18. The worm’s favorite drama? As The Soil Turns.
  19. Why do worms love old books? The tales are earthed in history.
  20. The worm’s restaurant review? “Five stars! The dirt was delicious.”

With puns that’ll make you twist and shout with laughter, worms are not just beneath our feet, but atop the humor charts too! Go on, share these, and worm your way into someone’s funny bone!

Worms One Liners

Worms One Liners

Dive beneath the surface and discover the wit of worms with these cheeky one-liners!

  1. Why did the worm refuse to join the debate? He didn’t want to get baited!
  2. I told a worm a secret once. It went in one end and out the other!
  3. Why was the worm feeling down? He couldn’t find his other half!
  4. How does a worm sing? In wriggly harmonies!
  5. What’s a worm’s favorite song? “Worming Around the Christmas Tree.”
  6. What do worms give each other for Valentine’s? Hugs and hisses!
  7. Why was the worm blushing? He saw the earth move!
  8. How does a worm stay fit? By doing worm-ups!
  9. Why did the worm take a nap? He was worm out!
  10. What’s a worm’s favorite mobile game? Earthquake!
  11. How do worms communicate? Soil signals!
  12. What’s a worm’s least favorite school subject? History, it’s all about early birds!
  13. What did the apple say to the worm? “You’re the core of my world!”
  14. Why was the worm so good at math? Because he was a wigglytician!
  15. How do you measure a worm? In inch-worms!
  16. What’s a worm’s favorite magic spell? Wormulus Locomotor!
  17. Why did the worm get in trouble? He was up to dirt!
  18. What’s a worm’s favorite bedtime story? “The Early Bird and the Late Worm.”
  19. Why was the worm feeling proud? He was the best at underground music!
  20. What’s a worm’s idea of a home? A wormansion!

Worms might be tiny, but their wit is limitless. Dive deep into the world of worms and unearth more fun!

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